torsdag 18 juni 2009

Wishing you a happy midsummer's weekend!

Knitting? No. Sewing? No. Blogging? No. Reading your blogs? Yes. Commenting? Not much. In need of a vacation? Yeah.
I have been in a better mood - but also I think in worse. I just don't seem to see any colours, or something like that.
My companion is the trilogy (quadruple?) about Edward and Bella, you know the Twilight series. Don't you wish you had super natural powers too?
If I'm scarce at this sight, it doesn't mean I don't looove your comments and enjoy your company!

5 kommentarer:

ellie sa...

Sending you warmth and love from cold Australia. The colours here are beautiful and vibrant; yellow flowers growing by the roadside, bright pink afternoon skies, glowing red leaves fluttering from trees. I hope you can see colour through us.
Enjoy your time of thinking and reading. Hopefully a vacation of some sort is possible.
Take care. E xxx

Mary sa...

Oh boy I could have written this post myself - it is exactly how I am feeling!


Green Girl in Wisconsin sa...

I find I'm always preoccupied when I'm in the throes of a good book, too:)

Eleanor sa...

Hello there! I wish blogger had an option for colouring commentboxes...I'd make my comment multi-coloured for you.

P.S. But you DO have superpowers...I've seen them!

Paige sa...

Hi Anna! Sending peace and love your way. xo, Paige