tisdag 21 juli 2009

Yes, we've come a long way this week. Well, not we, Siri has. She got caught in origami frenzy last week, folding cranes and frogs. A giant leap to, yes, you're correct; it's Yoda. My photo doesn't do him justice. He's got little fingers and a neat little cape. My biggest frenzy, as always, is shoes. I found these at a church thrift store for less than £10. They're genuine Earth Shoes, originally from Denmark and usually come at the proce of £80. I'm extremely pleased, comfortable and pretty as they are.
All of me!

I've made a little hanger for my necklaces of an old school ruler. I made some of the necklaces too, come to think of it!

måndag 20 juli 2009

I'm here. With you.

Tonight I feel very emotional. And present in the world. Why? I don't know. Sometimes you just hit a philosophical inner string and it keeps sounding.

You know the feeling you get when travelling on a train? You pass through the middle of little towns - instead of riding on the highway around them. If you're lucky you get all sorts of glimpses from ordinary people's ordinary lives. (I know, I know "what's ordinary anyway??")

I love that feeling of participation and coherence. We're all in this together-kinda-feeling. Blogging does that for me, too. I've been browsing and visiting new acquaintances and old friends. I know it's the walk-on-the-moon-anniversary tonight but that doesn't really impress me.

The fact that so many of us share and give so much, quite philantropically and unselfishly (though it really doesn't matter why you give, actions count!), impress me. That we as humans continue to try to make good without knowing for certain that we'll ever get anything in return.

Sending you lots of love and thankfulness for sharing this experience of living, blogging, sharing and giving with me.

I'm giving you Muminmamman as an illustration to the wonder of loving and giving.

lördag 18 juli 2009

Royal Danish + Delft + TV nostalgia

The quilt is ready. I will never show a close-up of it because I'm not a meticulous person, I'm afraid. Fast-and-finished is more me. And really, who'd examine those seams anyway? Just thought I'd spare you the sight of them...
Feeling a little like two odd pieces of china in this outfit. But good china.
Mitt lapptäcke är färdigrenoverat. Jag kommer aldrig att visa någon närbild för jag är ingen noggrann person, tyvärr. Sömmarna är sneda och ojämna men helhetsintrycket är skönt, tycker jag. Kjolen och toppen får mig att känna mig som två delar udda porslin. Fast fint porslin, så klart!
In the early 70s there was a TV series called Familjen Ashton or Family at War in English. In those days there only were two channels to watch in Sweden so we all watched the same things (kommer ni ihåg??). Anyway, me, mom and grandma watched it together with immense interest.

Earlier this week Mr Helylle came home from the library with the first season on DVD. I frowned and declared that time had left it's mark on it and that there was no way it could be worth seeing after all this time. Boy, was I wrong! We watched the first 6 episodes last night and as I'm blogging I'm really just waiting for Mr Helylle to put sunshine boy to bed so we can continue....
Maken lånade DVD:n med första säsongen på bibblan. Jag trodde aldrig att det skulle hålla at titta på men det har faktiskt åldrats helt okej. Och 40-tals estetik är sällan fel, vilka kappor de har, damerna.

Meanwhile, enjoy this.

Jösses, det är stark töntvarning över detta inlägg. Men visst är det härligt med nostalgi?

torsdag 16 juli 2009

This is over at Jeanette's place the other evening. Read over at her blog how we met - it's truly wondrous. We had a great night, together with the lovely Monne (back to camera). Good food, cool wine, clever crafting and lots of laughs. Jeanette is making brooches out of tin jars. No material is strange to her, she masters it all from wool to wire. She also masters two houses, two daughters, two cats, one full time job and still makes you feel like you're the most interesting thing that happened to her today.

I'm wearing my new jeans jacket. Summer sale. I haven't had one in 20 years but suddenly felt the urge to purchase one. Does it have to be a middle age crisis? Let's just say I love it.

We've been invaded by a bunch of origami birds. Oldest Miss Helylle has been manic about them. Colouring papres by hand, folding and folding and folding and...

söndag 12 juli 2009

I've had a couple of weeks off. Wonderful days with the kids in a country house has given me so much joy and love, I feel absolutely recharged.
No, dear people, I'm not loosing it. Just relaxing. Or truthfully, competing over the extra giving of whipped cream to go with the strawberries... Ugliest face won. Wasn't me!
Can you feel the weather? Very warm, no wind, thunder clouds over the horizon and a kind of sticky feeling in the air? Soap bubbles saved that afternoon when we didn't go to the beach and didn't have the energy to play badminton or croquet or card.

Very Scandinavian evenings. Magical stillness and dancing fairies in the meadows...

Never in my life have I seen - and picked - so many wild strawberries as I did one fine day in June. I can't imagine feeling richer than this. Eating something that money just can't buy.