onsdag 28 oktober 2009

Mess and colour - stök och färg

Over at A common place life you can read a post about sharing the real - real life. I think I always have, some of you remember the messy mirrors, unmade beds and other unwomanly sights I've shared with you.
But, I have to confess I never post a picture of myself that I find unkind and unflattering... That's ok by me. And I bet those of you posing to post do the same!?
But in order to stay true to myself I've found it helpful to stay within the range of probability- or running in to other bloggers would be embarrassing (you know I found out that Jeanette at Handmade lives across the park from me).

So here it comes:

Late October is grey and dark. I do my best to bring colour to people I meet. I turned it up a notch - behold the Tizian red! (Yes, I make as much fuss about my hair as ever before - I just spare you the details.)

Speaking of colours, this is my closet. The mess below is real too. The little man is away with his father for a few days and since I don't have to rush in to his room when he has a nightmare I don't worry about the lego on the floor. The pain of stepping on a piece of lego with sleepy feet is close to that of a biliary colic (that's my new word for today = gallstensanfall!)

7 kommentarer:

LiLi M. sa...

That photo of you is real cute! I have my clothes ordered by color in the closet :-}, that way I can easily find them back. Shouldn't you have more pink in your wardrobe to match your shoes? Go! Shop!

Alexis sa...

I love your hair!!!

Eleanor sa...

Ouch! That lego photo literally made my feet hurt. An artist I met a few years ago told me how she goes home from dropping the kids off at school, takes a very wide broom and makes a path for herself through the lego so she can arrive unscathed at her easel.

Now, concerning reality - YOU ROCK!!!

Also, just so you know...ever since I "met" you I've been adding colour to my wardrobe. When I stand and look at my wardrobe now I see what I like to call "inspirational splashes of Anna."

Green Girl in Wisconsin sa...

Your hair is fab! I hate legos when I discover them with my bare feet in the dark. They are SO SHARP!

Maria sa...

Hej Anna!
Jag är också rödtott just nu. Piggar upp! Men har du blivit korthårig? Eller har du varit det ett tag?
Härligt med en som sprider färg. Jag tror att jag skulle trivas i ditt sällskap.

Paige sa...

Well, Tizian red looks darn good on you! It's shameful, but I haven't colored my hair since May, and I am more than overdue - perhaps I'll do it this weekend. Thanks for sharing your reality! I'm gonna take part in Amy's challenge, too, just gotta decide which messy room to photograph. :)

LA sa...

My blog-friend, Hulda, sent me the link to your blog. You and I look very much alike. She says twins, I say like very close sisters. Especially funny as I have NO Swedish heritage. Take a look and see what you think.