fredag 20 februari 2009

I like to move it. Sometimes.

Friday night in the jungle. Sound of beating drums fill the air. Everybody gotta move their butts. Not much of a dancer really but I like to move and will hopefully one day be able to make my ass vibrate like that of an African woman - traditionally built, as Alexander McCall Smith puts it.
Junior has a more Asian style, judging by the hand moves.

This is our local drummer. Extremely local, he shares my bed. Do you dance? My height always made the gym teacher have me lead in gym class, when we practiced dancing and also made me painfully aware of myself.
For some reason all (honestly, every single one) of my gym teachers were Polish, educated at the ballet academy in Warsaw (not a 100% sure there) or possibly Moscow, and they had us dance a lot. I really wanted to play volley ball or at least do long jump, and instead found myself being told "ven ve come to corner ve turn and turn and count to fife and bend". All the way to the floor.
The irony is, now I really enjoy to see dance, classic or modern. And a little late I appreciate the effort made of those dancers in exile who had the hopeless task of teaching dance to very blasé teenage girls in a sleepy little town covered by grey woollen skies.

5 kommentarer:

Blue Mountains Mary sa...

So much to love about this post.

Your hair.

Your moves.

Your boy.

Your extremely local drummer.

Maria sa...

Vi dansar ibland här hemma. Jag och barnen och någon gång (man ganska sällan) så buggar jag och mannen på vardagsrumsmattan.

Anonym sa...

Å så härligt det ser ut! Jag delar ju också säng med en trummis!

Alexis sa...

I love having dance parties in my living room with my girls! I'm uncomfortable dancing in public, so my living room is perfect for me!

Suse sa...

I had to read the Polish teachers' instructions out loud.

And then I laughed.