lördag 7 februari 2009


Sleepy, happy, pretty 18

At Christmas I always intend to work on parcels - but they are always too many. Birthdays are perfect that way - one person, not so many packages.

Yes, I did it.

Car still not running but since this pic was taken it's been moved to a workshop. Transportation still a question of muscle labour.
Today is a mix of cheched in different browns. And a yellow top.

About the green little fabric basket from previous post, Paige, yes, I made it from old fabrics, torn or cut in pieces. Crochet needle used is the biggest there is, I think. Fast and fun!

8 kommentarer:

LiLi M. sa...

I love your new hair!! Next time a photo on front ok? Congrats on your daughter, oooh to be 18! Do you have a new banner? I love it! Have a great weekend!

ellie sa...

Happy 18. You get to celebrate the "birthing" day too, hey.
Great haircut - what a glamorous hollywood movie star you are!

Paige sa...

Hi Anna, I love your hair - it looks fabulous. And happy birthday to your girl. Happy "birth" day to you, too! (Now I gotta go think about making some of those crocheted bowls...)

Alexis sa...

Your hair looks great, and happy birthday to your daughter!

teresa sa...

Paket är kul. Din frisyr snygg. Dottern stor.
Jag har en utmaning till dig på min blogg, om du vill.

Eleanor sa...

Happy birthday Siri!!!

The packaging? AWESOME.

The haircut - WOOOOWWWWW!!!! Perfect.

Does Olle fit behind the bicycle??? You must be very fit by now...you LOOK fit too!! You look fabulous. Love the checked combination.

Oh..and I'm so glad someone asked about the basket.

Maria sa...

Hej ANna!
Grattis till 18-åringen!
Kul med lite extra fina paket!
Och fin outfit med kalasiga kalasbyxor!
Idag får du en utmaning av mig! (om du vill och orkar)

Blue Mountains Mary sa...

Your hair is fantastic.

So are your tights. And a belated happy birthday to your girl!