lördag 18 april 2009

The golden chick...

The new thing around here, knit very large objects and make fun of them. When you grow tired of that, put them in the washing machine for shrinkage.
A (very) late Happy Easter!
Things could be better around here. I won't - or can't - go into details, but I'm OK. My husband is not. Those of you who followed Blue Mountains Mary know something about the concept.

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Anna Stilla sa...

Snygg mössa :)

Ja, ja... Jag gillar tofflorna. Mina fötter är jämt frusna och jag brukar gå med tjocka ullsockor på året runt. Sådana där filtade tofflorna skulle nog värma mig ännu bättre.


LiLi M. sa...

You always crack me up! I wonder what your collegues reaction would be if you show up with a hat like that at your work ;-) Enjoy your weekend!

Eleanor sa...

Oh Anna, how do you manage to do that thing you do....embracing all of life's challenges with vibrant colour and and healing humour??!!

I wish you and your family good health. I'm thinking of you.

P.S. Wait...am I right in thinking that the huge yellow hat became a slipper after being put in the wash? Gosh, you do make me laugh!

ellie sa...

Sending thoughts and love to you all. Light and laughter.
Hope things move through to something better soon.

The yellow is so cheerful.

E xxx

Paige sa...

I'm sorry to hear times have been challenging for you and your's as of late - I'm sending good thoughts your way, and hoping that things will start looking up. Take care, and keep knitting if you can! xoxo.

Maria sa...

Hej Anna!

Hoppas att det inte är något allvarligt, eller iallafall något övergående.
Blev "kycklingmössan" en toffla när den krympte? Tycker att du är rolig som visar dig själv som "kyckling". Härlig humor!

Suse sa...

Sending healing thoughts across the oceans tonight.

ps. I am seeing Mary in the morning!

Anonym sa...

Bra med humor när livet är tufft - kram på er!

Alexis sa...

I am sending you good thoughts for your husband!