torsdag 30 april 2009

An enchanted evening in Ystad.

Moa and I got in the car. Our destination was Ystad, a small town 60 km from Malmö. If you've read the crime novels about, or seen chief inspector Wallander in the film by Kenneth Branagh, you're quite familiar with the place.
Driving safely through rush-hour Malmö and still smiling! A good thing about driving with a teenager in the car is that no one can get out or rush off to do something else. If the timing is right you can get a loong chat about things that go on in each other's lives. We had that kind of ride.

Passing through a quiet village as the sun slowly set.

We arrived just in time to pick up our tickets to the baroque opera "King Arthur" by Henry Purcell. Siri's school was performing and we were the proud supporting team of the most talented cellist - and the only cello player!

We also took the time to pose in front of the mirror. The theatre is from 1894 and everything is kept in original style. (I knew that dress was showing a little too much...)

Baroque opera is a bit different from opera in general, I dare say. They repeat everything a hundred times - which is a good thing if it's a catchy tune. Otherwise it can be percieved as slightly sedating.
A harvesting party. Waiting for King Arthur. (He never turns up, not in this setting anyway.)

In the end Britannia turns up, calls for St George and blesses the most bountiful island in the world. Or something like that.

All students were amazing. Some, no doubt, are looking at professional careers as singers. And cello players, perhaps? Siri to the right, about to take a bow.

It was a magic night outdoors too, sweet scents from the gardens, soft pink skies, pleasant temperature (a cardigan was enough), old pretty houses and a pale moon crescent, vaguely visible in the early summer night.

9 kommentarer:

Eleanor sa...

Oh my gosh you look so fabulous in your polka-dotted dress, and look at Moa - cool and fabulous protege of the Anna House of Style.

I shall now go and read the post over and over again and drink it in like a very good wine.

Oh, and I agree with you about car-trips being the very best opportunity to chat with teenaged children.

Mary sa...

I loved every bit of this - your words,your photos.

I love that the same crescent moon is hanging in our skies too.

PS you both look beautiful

eurolush sa...

Re-read both Eleanor's and Mary's comments, then add my name to the bottom.

You did a fabulous job hosting us all and showing what an amazing night it really was!

Paige sa...

Thanks for sharing such a lovely day with us all! You both look so pretty, and how proud you must be of Siri! I've read your post twice now, but I'm gonna have to go back and look at the pics/read it once more. xo.

Green Girl in Wisconsin sa...

Looks like the perfect night out--I am so envious.

Mary sa...

Yes -scarey old magician!

Marmite - hard to describe - a black paste based on yeast - similar to our vegemite!

teresa sa...

Vilken trevlig "berättelse".
Ni verkar ha haft en fin dag tillsammans - så´na är viktiga.
Å vad snygga ni är (supersnygg klänning OCH skor!).
Och cello, jag säger det igen, lyllo du att få höra det nära, för det är SÅ fint!

Anna Stilla sa...

Mina tonåringar skulle nog gråta ihjäl sig om de fick följa med på någon operaföreställning :) Kram.

Anonym sa...

Vi hade väldigt trevligt mamma!:) puss