måndag 27 april 2009

Spring - actually means "run" in Swedish

Spring feelings, or rather summer feelings. It's unusually warm and summer like here. Siri made a paper cut some time ago. I put on a thread over the dining table.

Another kind of spring feeling. Lingering outdoors in the evening, all kids in one group regardless of age. They wrote "All the kids on the streets" and then all the names. More names than kids on this photo.

And then one mum had made so much apple pie, they all got a piece!

Me. Waiting for my very compulsary cup of evening rooibos tea to get ready. Of course, it's not really tea, it's weed from Africa to the puritan mind.
Speaking of nothing else, I'm reading a book about WW1, by Swedish author and historian Peter Englund. I'm stuck somewhere between here and then. All I do is compared to what I read. I guess it means it's a great book but I'm not sure I can finish it. Too ugly and horrid. But yet impossible to put away.
How're your photos with crazy head stuff coming along??

5 kommentarer:

Mary sa...

I want to tell you some spooky things.

First - Margot has been writing all over our front steps in chalk too - I love it.

Secondly - I have a Jacques Tati poster too - a small one for Monsieur Hulot's Holiday.

Told you - spooky!

Paige sa...

Isn't it great to be outdoors again for hours on end?? I love it. Wish I had something crazy on my head to crow about but right now I'm just working on something for my feet and my neck.

eurolush sa...

Siri's paper cut is wonderful! A perfect spring decoration.

Now that the weather's warmed up in Germany, my kids are always outside, too.

Isn't it wonderful how long the days seem now?

Eleanor sa...

Spring means run...how utterly perfect...just like your haircut!!

That picture of the kids playing outside in a group reminds me of my childhood in Israel. I have a picture of myself around 6 years old, posing with "the gang" very much like your photo.

This is a great post - you look and sound marvellous. I have not forgotten about the crazy hat post...it just doesn't come as easy to me to find something that funny...but I'm working on it. (You see...I even get overly serious about being silly, hehehe).

Green Girl in Wisconsin sa...

I do love that about spring--the traffic of pedestrians--neighbors reconnecting, kids playing, folks strolling and all of them inhaling the fresh air.