måndag 20 juli 2009

I'm here. With you.

Tonight I feel very emotional. And present in the world. Why? I don't know. Sometimes you just hit a philosophical inner string and it keeps sounding.

You know the feeling you get when travelling on a train? You pass through the middle of little towns - instead of riding on the highway around them. If you're lucky you get all sorts of glimpses from ordinary people's ordinary lives. (I know, I know "what's ordinary anyway??")

I love that feeling of participation and coherence. We're all in this together-kinda-feeling. Blogging does that for me, too. I've been browsing and visiting new acquaintances and old friends. I know it's the walk-on-the-moon-anniversary tonight but that doesn't really impress me.

The fact that so many of us share and give so much, quite philantropically and unselfishly (though it really doesn't matter why you give, actions count!), impress me. That we as humans continue to try to make good without knowing for certain that we'll ever get anything in return.

Sending you lots of love and thankfulness for sharing this experience of living, blogging, sharing and giving with me.

I'm giving you Muminmamman as an illustration to the wonder of loving and giving.

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LiLi M. sa...

aaaah this is sweet! And I feel exactly the same. It is hard to explain to non bloggers, but this girly blogging world has a true spirit of friendship, of thoughtfullness and of good spirit, not to say good spirits. I feel gratefull too, to be part of this. It's a bit like 'the age of aquarius' don't you think? Thanks for giving me the miminmamman illustration, I never met her before, but I can see the goodness, the thoughtfullness and the giving spirit, thanks!
Yes we feel special tonight!! Let's feel special tomorrow and all days after that. Okay?

Jeanette sa...

Dear Anna!
Soulful and true as ever. You know I love the friendship of the blogging world as well as the real world since I am fortunate to have you as a friend in both! Love the outfit! But the Ashtons never did it for me. I was more an "Onedin Line" kind of gal. acually had a crush on the hansome captain although I can not imagine why now seeing his enormous whiskers....ha,ha!

Take care

Mary sa...

You have written all that I have felt in my heart for a long time now.


Anonym sa...

Well, me, too. And I love Moominmamma! (As she's spelled in English) There she is, making juice in the magician's hat!

Anonym sa...

Älskar den bilden! Tack för fina ord Anna!

Paige sa...

Sending love and thankfulness right back at 'ya. xo, Paige

marie-louise sa...

Världens bästa bild på muminmamman!