tisdag 21 juli 2009

Yes, we've come a long way this week. Well, not we, Siri has. She got caught in origami frenzy last week, folding cranes and frogs. A giant leap to, yes, you're correct; it's Yoda. My photo doesn't do him justice. He's got little fingers and a neat little cape. My biggest frenzy, as always, is shoes. I found these at a church thrift store for less than £10. They're genuine Earth Shoes, originally from Denmark and usually come at the proce of £80. I'm extremely pleased, comfortable and pretty as they are.
All of me!

I've made a little hanger for my necklaces of an old school ruler. I made some of the necklaces too, come to think of it!

9 kommentarer:

Jeanette sa...

Du spikade upp den va? Eftersom du inte gått kursen i "borrmaskinsanvändning" ännu väl ..... Vi skulle väl gå ihop eller? Snyggt blev det!


LiLi M. sa...

Applause for Yoda and your daughter too, of course! Yes I can see his little fingers well! Great shoes, I wanted to have some comfy ones too, but I paid far more :-( and now I'm wearing flip flops all summer...I love that black and white tunic! And of course that giant ruler. What a clever way to use such an item. It is typical something I want to have, and than it lies there, this is so much better. Usefull! Enjoy your evening!

Mary sa...

What you are wearing is how I would like to dress.

And sometimes manage. I think you do it more stylishly though!

Maria sa...

SÅ coolt med Yoda i origami. Jag kände igen honom direkt!
Kul med linjalhängaren, den gillar jag!

Green Girl in Wisconsin sa...

I guessed it was Yoda right away!
your shoes? Divine. Truly.

Paige sa...

What a sweet little Yoda, and what a bargain on those awesome shoes!

Esti sa...

i like your red shoes!

Anna Stilla sa...

Jag minns ett inlägg där du inte ville att klädstilen skulle kommenteras. Så jag hoppas att du inte tar illa upp när jag skriver att jag älskar din stil.


teresa sa...

Vilket skofynd! Gillar mattan du står på också... Virkad?