söndag 12 juli 2009

I've had a couple of weeks off. Wonderful days with the kids in a country house has given me so much joy and love, I feel absolutely recharged.
No, dear people, I'm not loosing it. Just relaxing. Or truthfully, competing over the extra giving of whipped cream to go with the strawberries... Ugliest face won. Wasn't me!
Can you feel the weather? Very warm, no wind, thunder clouds over the horizon and a kind of sticky feeling in the air? Soap bubbles saved that afternoon when we didn't go to the beach and didn't have the energy to play badminton or croquet or card.

Very Scandinavian evenings. Magical stillness and dancing fairies in the meadows...

Never in my life have I seen - and picked - so many wild strawberries as I did one fine day in June. I can't imagine feeling richer than this. Eating something that money just can't buy.

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Anonym sa...

Men å så härliga bilder! Och så mycket smultron!!! Solmogna vilda smultron...svårt att slå den doften!

LiLi M. sa...

Hey great to see you here again, though I think I would prefer the country house, if I were you! We had a warm summer too, up until this week, but I think next week will be improving. Mmm I would love to taste these wild strawberries and believe me, I would win that extra topping of whipped cream!

Jeanette sa...

Welcome back I missed you! But I can see you didn`t miss us. Can very well understand that you feel recharged..I would too. Acually I am on my way to being recharged too....and I can keep on doing so for 3,5 weeks more. Ta dah!

See you tomorrow evening!

ellie sa...

So glad that you are feeling refreshed. Missed seeing you here - but holidays in the country house sound especially lovely.
Those berries look delicious. We don't really get that wild berry picking thing too much here in Aust. We did have one little patch near my dad's house last Summer - but not nearly that many. Only enough to eat as we were picking.
Take care.

Anna Stilla sa...

Härliga bilder, precis så somriga och fria som sommarbilder ska vara.

Att ta en bild på dansande älvor har varit min dröm. Men ack, de gömmer sig för mig. Men inte för dig :)


Maria sa...

Hej Anna!
Long time no seen.
Verkar vara skönt med vistelse i sommarhus. När man är hemma så är det så svårt att känna sig alldeles ledig. Allt pockar bara på.
Jag önskar mig en alldeles egen stuga och när jag ser din skål med smultron så önskar jag mig det också. Såg att det glimmade rött i diket när jag gick kvällspromenad igår. Men de var så nära vägen.

Mary sa...

Even with your "ugly face to win the competition" face you look lovely and brown and what a pleasure to see such idyllic photos!

Green Girl in Wisconsin sa...

Amen. Glad you are restored--and full of berries:)

Eleanor sa...

Fairytale magic chez Anna. Heaven.