fredag 27 november 2009

Stuff that we do. Sånt som vi gör.

Skriver till Bolibompa. Writing to the children's television.
Tänjer på origamikonsten till det yttersta. Stretching the art of origami to the bounderies.
Bygger koja. Building a house.
Övar inför jullovets cirkusnummer. Kolla, kolla, det är min kortkofta i Norogarn, Kureyon. Bra att ha ifall vi åker på turné till Japan. Då blir de allt imponerade!
Practising circus acts for the upcoming Christmas holidays. Behold my short cardigan in Noro Kureyon. Good to have if we go on tour to Japan. That'll impress the Japanese!

9 kommentarer:

Eleanor sa...

OK, I need to move to Sweden RIGHT NOW and join in the fun.

I'm on my way.

LiLi M. sa...

Sweden is going to be overcrowded with fun seekers; I just packed too! ;-)

Mary sa...

I'm keeping Eleanor company!


Jeanette sa...

Oh your photos make me all warm inside! Luckily I don`t have to move to join the fun!

Take care

Maria sa...

Vilka härliga roliga saker ni gör! FINT!

Green Girl in Wisconsin sa...

the things you do look like FUN!

teresa sa...

En nya karriär på gång?? Vacker kofta.

Anonym sa...

Kul att du gillar Alison Krauss, hon är fantastiskt duktig! Kram!

Eleanor sa...

Hello Anna!
I'll be travelling soon so I thought I'd get in early and wish you and your beautiful family a very merry Christmas.
I think of you often and look forward to another fun-filled year together.
E xxxxxxxxxxx