tisdag 23 mars 2010

Gggrrr - self control...

Do you remember? A very sweet daughter, whom I love very very much and would do anything to see smile, dropped my camera in a lake one sunny summer day 2008 and it affected my blogging severly. Last Friday bad luck struck again - the camera is broken in the same pair of hands. Unintentially, I know, but still...broken.

Therefore, an old picture. Isn't it amazing what a tan and a new set of eyes can do??

4 kommentarer:

Eleanor sa...

Oh no! Oh no! I'm feeling your pain...I'm also giggling at the sight of your brand-new eyes.

You really have the best sense of humour Anna. You are also a wonderful mother (but I think you know that already).


Green Girl in Wisconsin sa...

Self control AND a sense of humor. I admire you for BOTH!

teresa sa...

Är det inte märkligt; vissa barn har aldrig tappat/glömt/förstört något, medan andra är slarvigheten personifierade?! Hoppas du får en ny fin kamera i retur...! ("Not" kan jag tänka mig att viss dotter svarar...)

Jeanette sa...

Ooooops sums it up quite nicely I think! I feel for your daughter - I was exactly like that when I was young - Miss Clumsiness personified that was me!

Miss U !

See you soon?