onsdag 31 mars 2010

La dolce vita

I've been celebrating my brother's 50th birthday. He is the successful one in our family so the party was held at a fancy spa on the west coast. With photo restrictions which I find very appropriate. I would not like to think I'mk in somebody's blog or family album - wearing a swim suit and a funny face.

This is part of the view from the place:

I can't believe people actually go sailing in conditons like these, 4 degrees C in the water and 3 degrees C in the air - and a brisk west wind.

And this is part of the interior.

This is another kind of celebration;

The snow is gone (nearly) and the creek is overflowing. And today as I went lunching with Jeanette I wore these boots. So spring is actually here - cheers!

6 kommentarer:

Maria sa...

Vacker vy över vatten! Känns så avlägset eftersom vi har en snönivå på minst 1,2 meter på gården. Försökte skotta mig in till vår uthus-dörr i går, men fick ge upp.

Anonym sa...

Fina bilder- kontrastrika! Men lika härliga på sitt sätt.

Jeanette sa...

Härlig lunch och UNDERBARA stövlar! Vad vore livet utan dig? Färglöst!!!!

Kramar i mängd

Paige sa...

Hooray for celebrating, and double hooray for Spring, indeed!

Green Girl in Wisconsin sa...

that looks divine--what a splendid way to spend a holiday together!

Sonya sa...

Happy Spring Anna!