torsdag 26 mars 2009

Lying by outfit

A sporty jacket and short hair - you'd think this is sporty Anna. In fact I'm more tired than I've been in a long time. Now I've heard from clever people that a low carbonate-diet can have this effect. I've lost 8 kg and my stomach is having the time of our lives, but I feel I have to add some carbs if the fatigue (you can also suffer from difficulty to concentrate and feel a bit down apparently!?) goes on. Do you have any experience in this field??

Sometimes I gaze at other people's hands. And my own. Amazing tools, aren't they? Through work I meet a lot of persons with neuropsychiatric disabilities where the use of hands is a challenge. So many things can be done for you, like feeding, wiping, pulling, buttoning and lifting. But to touch, feel and hold...
Touch something with gratitude today!

fredag 20 mars 2009


We're taking a much needed spring break - see you in a couple of days!

tisdag 17 mars 2009


...for the sweet and appreciative comments on my last post. Especially to anonymous Eliza who I don't now at all! Come back. I wasn't really depressed yesterday more puzzled by the human nature. It's good to know I'm in such lovely gentle company here in blogland!

Yesterday I got the book I won in a give-away over at acommonplacelife. Thank you so much!It's going to be great reading about extraordinary people with extraordinary lives - just like you and me!
In a few hours I will be seeing the lovely Jeanette of handmade, an extraordinary person too.

måndag 16 mars 2009

Who do you think you are?

This is a ticklish post to write. I'm worried I will end up sounding like a complaining Pamela Anderson, who just doesn't get it why men don't look into her eyes (hope you get the simile). Anyway, here goes.

I understand that colors are a tricky business. I often get comments (IRL) that I wear colors. Women (98%) sometimes sound a bit accusing but more often slightly envious. And as a rule assume that I combine my clothing to get attention.

Fact is, I get a kick out of colors and I think most people do. I'm always happy and proud to hear that I inspire or brighten someone's day. But I never plan my clothes to impress and I never consider what people might say.
This post is a result of what a woman I met through work today, said to me.
"You certainly want to get noticed, don't you. I guess if I got up half an hour earlier I could get attention too."
I was quiet. L'esprit d'escalier, if you like. This is a nice person that I trusted but obviously she thinks I'm shallow and and a show-off. I'm still wondering what I should've said.

söndag 15 mars 2009


Pheow. No birthdays for a couple of months. I always wanted coloured cream on my cake when I was a kid but my mum never allowed it. "It's bad for you." I'm not that fussy with my kids.
A laser sword and a pair of laser tights.

onsdag 11 mars 2009

Two successful projects

Olle's definition of sudoku "you fill in the numbers real fast and it's super easy". He has heard members of the family swear over sudokus several times. If you didn't know, there are 81 squares in one sudoku. Not 82. Strange thing, he cracked the reading code (honestly, there was a popping sound) a couple of weeks ago. The day after he started counting. Everything. So now he counts the number of words he reads in one page.
Second project. My slippers. In the mossy olive green I love. Sooo easy to make, took me two days - and 45 minutes in the washing machine. They look as if they turned out in different shapes but that's just a mirage/trompe l'oeil/coincidence/not true. Seriously.

måndag 9 mars 2009

Pyssel - pottering

Pyssla [pi'sslah] is the word for doing all sorts of nice things without immediate usefulness. Often, if you're a working mum, it makes you feel strongly that you don't have time for a career. So much pyssel to do, so little time... Above my very pretty pair of circular needles - from Stockholm. I'm making a shawl.
A nice very Helylle kind of green...

... is my last project, slippers; first knit and then felt in the washing machine.

This is not to pyssla. I asked them, doing homework doesn't at all feel like you never wanna quit.
In case you're wondering; it's customary to bring twigs in during Lent.

lördag 7 mars 2009

Supernatural powers (you'll need them with a sick husband..)

I'm alone tonight. Not really, little Olle is watching the children's show on TV, Mr Helylle is upstairs with a near-death experience ( a little temperature and a cold) and the girls are at their dad's. In the old days this used to mean that I read a book and had supper. Nowadays it means I'm sitting in front of the computer and checking out interesting things, people, items and blogs. And devouring beans, leek and chicken.

This sloppy behaviour lead me here.
I'm the Flying Philantropist. And merciful too. Which are your hidden powers?? Check it out!

I'm also the Fearless Cutter of Hair. I served my family ice cream at noon (combine a man and a cold and you'll need special arrangemnets...) and while they were gobbling I went to the bathroom and grabbed the scissors. I don't know why, but I HATE going to the hairdresser's. And since you only see the front you may think I don't have to...

fredag 6 mars 2009

Home again - and getting crazy over the lay-out. Again, too.

Hats and shoes pretty much cover it. I had a great time.

I'm home again. My flock (at least part of it) is around me. And it's Friday evening, that means Mojito time. The new thing is to make it raspberries and have cinnamon and sugar around the rim. Super wonderful, brings a promise of Summer. (Yes, you're right if you think Friday used to mean G&T in this house. Progress is everything.)

måndag 2 mars 2009

Going where the action is?

Look of determination, isn't it? I'm going to Stockholm. With some collegues to do really important stuff, like meeting with the National board of Social welfare and health. I said important, not vibrantly intruiging stuff. Hopefully there will be time to do exciting things, too. I would like to go here, here and here. And here.

Small things make me happy. I put on a green eyeshadow at the desk at H&M, during lunch break. Made all the difference.

This row of puppets also makes me happy.