lördag 20 juni 2009

20th of June

Strawberries and sweet cherry wine is the ultimate taste of summer.

I had a great time last night. In Sweden Midsummer's Eve is a big thing (although since 1954 celebrated on the last Friday before 24th of June and not on the actual day) and your success can be measured in how fancy, genuine and elaborate parties you're invited to.
We stayed at home. Barbecue, wine and a game of card. Oldest and youngest children took part, the rest on their own events.
My very modest project, the remaking of an old quilt. A lot of seams have ripped open and it's too heavy to use. So washing, sewing, mending and lining is required and then, hopefully a cosy, snuggly quilt will make it's way back to the (ugly) sofa in the "library".
For many years, a mature, adult and responsible person, to me was someone who didn't have some old fabric wrapped over their sofa in the living room. This being a result, of course, of the fact that I never wanted to spend (or didn't have) money to purchase a decent sofa.

torsdag 18 juni 2009

Creative process

Isn't this beautiful?? Thanks to peasoup, found it at her blog.

Take a look at this too. Beautiful, too. Nature's nursery, in this case a blåmes at home. (Sorry , look it up in a preferred language!) Tack till Anna Stilla, du skrev om detta för en tid sen.

Wishing you a happy midsummer's weekend!

Knitting? No. Sewing? No. Blogging? No. Reading your blogs? Yes. Commenting? Not much. In need of a vacation? Yeah.
I have been in a better mood - but also I think in worse. I just don't seem to see any colours, or something like that.
My companion is the trilogy (quadruple?) about Edward and Bella, you know the Twilight series. Don't you wish you had super natural powers too?
If I'm scarce at this sight, it doesn't mean I don't looove your comments and enjoy your company!

söndag 7 juni 2009

A good time

Här har jag varit. Hos min bror och hans familj på västkusten. Skönt att komma från stan ett tag.

This is where I've been. At my brother's up further north by the coast. Great to get out of town for a while.