torsdag 30 april 2009

An enchanted evening in Ystad.

Moa and I got in the car. Our destination was Ystad, a small town 60 km from Malmö. If you've read the crime novels about, or seen chief inspector Wallander in the film by Kenneth Branagh, you're quite familiar with the place.
Driving safely through rush-hour Malmö and still smiling! A good thing about driving with a teenager in the car is that no one can get out or rush off to do something else. If the timing is right you can get a loong chat about things that go on in each other's lives. We had that kind of ride.

Passing through a quiet village as the sun slowly set.

We arrived just in time to pick up our tickets to the baroque opera "King Arthur" by Henry Purcell. Siri's school was performing and we were the proud supporting team of the most talented cellist - and the only cello player!

We also took the time to pose in front of the mirror. The theatre is from 1894 and everything is kept in original style. (I knew that dress was showing a little too much...)

Baroque opera is a bit different from opera in general, I dare say. They repeat everything a hundred times - which is a good thing if it's a catchy tune. Otherwise it can be percieved as slightly sedating.
A harvesting party. Waiting for King Arthur. (He never turns up, not in this setting anyway.)

In the end Britannia turns up, calls for St George and blesses the most bountiful island in the world. Or something like that.

All students were amazing. Some, no doubt, are looking at professional careers as singers. And cello players, perhaps? Siri to the right, about to take a bow.

It was a magic night outdoors too, sweet scents from the gardens, soft pink skies, pleasant temperature (a cardigan was enough), old pretty houses and a pale moon crescent, vaguely visible in the early summer night.

måndag 27 april 2009

Spring - actually means "run" in Swedish

Spring feelings, or rather summer feelings. It's unusually warm and summer like here. Siri made a paper cut some time ago. I put on a thread over the dining table.

Another kind of spring feeling. Lingering outdoors in the evening, all kids in one group regardless of age. They wrote "All the kids on the streets" and then all the names. More names than kids on this photo.

And then one mum had made so much apple pie, they all got a piece!

Me. Waiting for my very compulsary cup of evening rooibos tea to get ready. Of course, it's not really tea, it's weed from Africa to the puritan mind.
Speaking of nothing else, I'm reading a book about WW1, by Swedish author and historian Peter Englund. I'm stuck somewhere between here and then. All I do is compared to what I read. I guess it means it's a great book but I'm not sure I can finish it. Too ugly and horrid. But yet impossible to put away.
How're your photos with crazy head stuff coming along??

söndag 26 april 2009

måndag 20 april 2009

Yes, you can envy me my flower skirt, my thrifted necklace and my cool pose...
...and you must - like I do - adore my new shoulder bag! My mother gave it to me for Easter gift. No, we don't usually give presents at Easter, but I think she felt I needed something unnecessary and beautiful.

OK, I know it's all material things. But you know you love me for being frivolous!

söndag 19 april 2009

Cozy woman - crazy woman?

Ni tror kanske att jag helt håller på och tappar greppet - frukta icke. Jag har aldrig kunnat motstå att sätta tehuvor på huvudet. Jag bjuder på denna bild som ett uttryck för min glädje över alla era kära kommentarer. Att ni var där så kvickt fast jag varit borta så länge. Veckans utmaning blir såklart: Sätt något fåningt på huvudet, plåta, lägg ut och skyll på mig!

You might think I'm losing it completely - fear not. I've never been able to keep my self from putting tea cozies on my head. This one's for you and all your lovely comments. To think that you were there so quickly although I'd been away for so long. Challenge of the week is naturally: Put something silly on your head, snap a photo, post it and blame it all on me!

lördag 18 april 2009

The golden chick...

The new thing around here, knit very large objects and make fun of them. When you grow tired of that, put them in the washing machine for shrinkage.
A (very) late Happy Easter!
Things could be better around here. I won't - or can't - go into details, but I'm OK. My husband is not. Those of you who followed Blue Mountains Mary know something about the concept.

tisdag 7 april 2009

Honey, I shrank the bag!

This is a sweet little tin button, from Norway originally. It was on my very first second-hand buy, a hand knitted cardigan a la Setesdal. I was 16, on my own in the b-i-g city of Göteborg (not big at all...) and I had seen the film Annie Hall... I don't know why, but I believed a sweater like that one would complete the style. I loved the sweater but all that remain are the buttons.

I knitted a really big bag......put it in the washing machine and out came this tiny little purse. With a cute button, at least. But it's too small.

söndag 5 april 2009

Vernissage - opening day

Last Thursday was a very important day. The creative blogger of Handmade, Jeanette opened her exhibition here in Malmö, showing felt art and photos and paper work. like the invitation said; multi media. It was marvellous! Here a close up of a felted piece with embroidery, pearls and photo. Go over to Jeanette's blog for some quality pics, this is not doing her work justice.

Young Miss Handmade and a gigantic work in paper and tin.

A wall of photos and Master Helylle. Not an enthusiastic visitor as this particular Thursday was the first warm and sunny day of spring so far. He had a zillion better alternative ways of spending a few hours of leisure...

And the lovely artist herself. Wearing a felted cape which she, and I quote "felted last night because I realized I had to wear something home made of felt as a felting artist".
It really was awesome to see this work, all at once. I'm so impressed!

Guess what? I made a dress. My sewing machine is back from hospital and purring like a very happy cat.