tisdag 21 oktober 2008

Grey is a colour too...

This time a year people often say to me that it's nice to see someone dressed in colours - not that I don't wear black, grey or brown too - because everything turns so grey. But grey is a wonderful colour, I think! In moderate portions. Thing is, it's sometimes hard to be too bright in a soft, greyish autumn day in my part of the world.
The biblical phrase "there's a time for everything" probably applies for this too.
Photo last couple of posts: Ylva, technical genious of this house (but even she can't master the lousy camera totally).

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Maria sa...

Ja, kräfta är jag också. Klär mig sällan i grått, men tycker att det liksom gör de övriga färgerna mer färgglada!

Eleanor sa...

Hello Ylva, lovely photos!

Hello Anna,that photo...has brightened up my day SO MUCH. You are my colour guru!!And the shoes ROCK.

It is getting summery here in Sydney which means a very very harsh and bright sun which burns everything in its path.BUT,today is unseasonably cold and grey and rainy, so your photograph is eerily appropriate.

I bet that the people you work with can't wait to see what you are wearing every day. I bet you brighten up everything in your path.

Eva i Halmstad sa...

Nu åker jag till frissan, får se om de är långt eller kort när jag kommer tillbaka =)


Eleanor sa...

Hello Anna, this is a poem for you. It is called:

"Anna Preparing For Winter"

Grey is a colour too,
She said to me,

Say it as poets do,
I said to her,

She said to me:
The time and place
Does change things.
The weather can change
A pose.
But the flash
From my daughter’s smile
Has changed my garden’s rose.

Last night the rose was midnight,
At dawn it grew to grey,
And as I left
For work
In the morning,
The rose it turned to clay.
When I came back home in the evening,
My little blonde son was there
And he showed me the clay rose
With the colour of his hair.

This proves to me,
I told her,
That the age-old wisdom is true.
That the grey can start the daytime,
Yellow glove, bright blue shoe.

But it also proves,
I told her,
That your ageless talent lies,
In the love of black words,
White paper,
And a rose that never dies.

Eva i Halmstad sa...

rätt kort

Anonym sa...

The cheerful, bright colors you wear make me smile. And those boots!

I can't help but think even on the darkest day, Anna, you carry the sunshine with you in your pocket wherever you go.


Eleanor writes the BEST poems, doesn't she? I heart her.