söndag 12 oktober 2008

A kind of comeback

Dear friends and visitors,
it has been a while.
Nothing dramatic has kept me from blogging but just Ordinary Family/Professional Life. OFPL. I've made a decision to mostly blog in one language, English, in order to blog at all. Reason being of course that I don't want to be rude to my foreign visitors and exclude them by blogging in Swedish. I know most of you Swedes read English as well as I do, so that hopefully won't drive you away. I hope to blog more regularly this way.

Camera - still no good.

New computer - has driven us all mad last couple of weeks, nothing's been working from the start. Now more of an exciting new friendship.

Family- Moa turns 13 tomorrow! We celebrated today, lots of low-quality pics and low battery. Hang on. Colds and dark mornings try to take the best of us but remedy is lit candles and acacia honey in the morning tea.
And setting the alarm so early I can fetch Olle sleeping and put him in my bed and slowly meet the day with him close, close to me. It's amazing what the attitude of a 5-and-a-half year old can do to you in the morning. He chatters on about everything he will invent and make and do and play during the approaching day, and I find myself adopting the anticipation of a new day. Though it's just an ordinary Tuesday.

New job - turning busy as I grow more accustomed to it. But exciting and fun!

House - water leak in bath room (we kind of sensed it but tried to ignore it. It didn't go away). Now looking for tiles and craftsmen every weekend. We don't want to take any risks by fixing the underlying floor by ourselves. Tiles will probably be turquoise. You are not surprised...

We were talking about style. And hair, some posts ago. This lady is for ever in style, to me. I don't want to look like that (yeah, I would, but it isn't my style) but I feel mature admiring a look without necessarily having to copy it. She didn't seem to cut her hair to often, either...

So good to be writing and thinking about you. Thanks for letting me know you're out there.

7 kommentarer:

Maria sa...

Hej ANna!
Roligt att du har ett inlägg igen!
Går riktigt bra att läsa på engelska nu...har väl kommit in i det igen och slutat tycka att jag är usel på det =)
Du vet om man tror att man är sämst så är man ju det, men om man tror att man är lite bra så är man lite bättre =)

Mona sa...

Tack och lov att inget allvarligare hänt dig! Jag var lite orolig. Skulle precis till att efterlysa dig.
Kram / Mona

Paige sa...

Hi Anna! So good to hear from you again...I was starting to worry! Love that first photo of Katharine Hepburn. And happy birthday to your 13 year-old!

Eleanor sa...

Hooray! Hello Anna! Gosh I missed you! So many things to say...here goes:

*My heart sank when I first read that you would blog in only one language, then I realised you meant English. Phew. Although I would feel bad if that meant your Swedish pals were left out, or even if it was harder for you than Swedish. Truth is, I'll visit you in any language whatsoever!

*The Hepburn photos are a great, great thing. What you said about feeling mature admiring without necessarily copying is a great, great truth.

*Happy birthday Moa, so am I right in thinking you are now living with three teenaged daughters? You need that bathroom repaired quick smart!! Hehehe.

*Turquoise tiles - OF COURSE I'm not surprised. Brings me back to the Colour Week you and I and Mary enjoyed...feels like years ago.

*Olle...I reckon he is just as lucky to wake up with you as you are to wake up with him. What fun!

*So glad that the new job is enjoyable!

*Last, but not least, your latest comment about my grandfather was spot on! Although his heart is always with my grandma, he is very much a lady's man...he has had several women (widows) in his local synagogue request his phone number and he is constantly being invited out.

*That's all...nothing more to say...this last star is just a kiss from me to you.

Anonym sa...

Hello hello, kul att läsa ett inlägg igen! Och så kommer man ju få sig en liten engelskalektion här framöver, very good! Ha det fint, jag gillar bilderna du lagt in på Hepburn!

teresa sa...

Katherine Hepburn ÄR stil...

Knitsonya sa...

Ordinary life, yes I know how it does seem to get in the way. And kids as hot water bottles - aren't the lovely? I think I will need to get a small, snuggly dog when the kids have grown as a replacement small, warm body.