lördag 25 oktober 2008

What's up?

A beautiful autumn day. Clear and crisp and the beginning of autumn break - if you're still inte schooling business, which I'm not anymore. At least for the time being.
I dread the coming week. All girls home from school all day, having tea with friends, making cupcakes and leaving thousands of crumbs for me to tread in when I get home from work. Grumpy? Not me. I've been here before. So I know that will also be a cupcake left for me when I get back to my senses!

This is what our humble garden looks like today.

Catching a little glimpse of the weak and soft sunlight.A little collection of our findings. We are a family of gatherers, hardly can walk the dog without bringing home sticks, leaves, chestnuts, feathers, rocks and, weel, anything that appeals to the eye no matter why. Which also explains why the porch is decorated in this manner.And this is what I try to do. Read and knit. For you non-Swedish people; see if you can find anything of Majgull Axelsson in translation, she is a talented writer with experiences from different parts of the world, but more than anything describes a typical Swedish melancholia, a bittersweet longing for something that we lost and didn't know we had. Makes sense?
Knitting is Noro blossom and will transform into a very simple shawl with time.
By the way, I've joined a choir, a church choir, and my return to choir stage will be performing Fauré's Requiem in the cathedral in Lund on nov 16th... That's no pick-nick, let me tell you.
I wasn't prepared for that kind of repertoire - was actually hoping we would start rehearsing all the Christmas hymns and songs I love - but they were all so happy I came so I can't back out now. And quite honestly, I can't resist the music!

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bluemountainsmary sa...

I am so touched by Eleanor's poem too. It is truly beautiful.

I have been reading and catching up Anna - you brighten my day in all your moods ..

and I adore Faure's Requiem.

And Christmas hymns.

Paige sa...

Hey Anna, that looks like a cool shawl! And thanks for the author recommendation, I'll have to check her out.

Eleanor sa...

I am so happy that you like the poem. I have been thinking about you and the poem all day, and it makes me smile to myself.

My daughter is also a cupcake baker, so I laughed out loud when I read this post. The mess and the sweetness!

Now...for serious business..the shoes, Anna...the shoes...I have very very similar shoes which I recently bought from a shop called Funkis. Yes, indeed, I bought a pair of Swedish, red, sandal-clogs. I will take a photo soon and show them to you. The Funkis shop is in my local shopping centre, believe it or not.

Thanks for the author recommendation. My local library has a translation of "April Witch" which I will borrow tomorrow, I hope.

So, so wonderful to hear that you have (re)joined your choir. It was right after I watched the Swedish film "As It Is In Heaven" (about a village choir) that I wished for a Swedish blogger-friend, and my wish came true. I am sure the Requiem is a challenge...wish I could attend the performance.

That's all, good night! (or maybe it is good morning for you).

Knitsonya sa...

That shawl looks gorgeous, can't wait for your photo shoot - it will look stunning with your hair! And a requiem is quite a bit different from Christmas songs, I can see why your feeling torn.