måndag 27 oktober 2008

Wrath and wreath

Tea, popcorn, knitting and the Swedish Idol. My weekend went quietly. Apart from a few hours on Saturday when I did some rioting at the local hospital when they meant to send my father-in-law home without medication (after spending 4 weeks there trying to fix his angina pectoris). They suggested that this 80-year old man should take a walk down town to collect his medicins. I suggested they give him enough drugs till Monday morning till we had a chance to fix it for him - or keep him there. Which he of course didn't wish. Anyway, he's home now and got his medicin with him.
I made a wreath, of local stuff. That means I rummaged the neighbour's hedges late at night, when walking the dog, accidently with scissors in hand.

Halloween is coming up. That's a new custom in Sweden, we didn't celebrate it at all when I was growing up. That's an effect of globalization, I guess. It's nice to have a reason to light some extra candles in the darkness. The bad thing about it is that nobody really knows when you're supposed to go trick-or-treating so you've got to keep candy at home for a week. Firstt time my kids went out they came home crying because the old people in the neighbourhood had eaten all their candy. Not from evil, but from mistaking halloween for Lucia when kids go round offering candy instead og collecting it!

P.S. I thought I was extremely witty with the wreath and wrath-thing... And, by the way, if I don't post the next couple of days it's because I'm preparing for a way to celebrate the 100th post!!

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Maria sa...

Jobbigt när det krånglar med vården och en själv eller ens närstående inte får den hjälp de behöver. Eller när man verkligen måste kämpa för att få rätt vård!

er fredagskväll ser mysig ut!

ellie sa...

PS - you are extremely witty in many ways!
I do like your berry wreath. Halloween here, in Australia, isn't celebrated very much. But we do see the signs of it in shops.

100 posts, hey...

Paige sa...

Hey Anna, guess what? We're gonna be celebrating our 100th posts probably at the same time! (And I'm still chuckling about your "accidentally" rummaging the shrubs with scissors in hand, by the way...)

bluemountainsmary sa...

Me too - laughing about the accidental scissors.

Your English is so wonderful.

Halloween is not celebrated here as noted above by Elli but my sister in law is obsessed by it and has a huge party every year. I might see if I can share some photos of it.

My word verification is panic!

Anonym sa...

Hm, sjukvården är inte alltid så logisk. Eller pedagogisk! Idag ska min gamle far dit för att ta prover och kolla sin Alzheimer, hoppas allt går väl!
Så fin krans du gjort, jag ska göra en till ytterdörren men det måste vara tåligt material eftersom det blir varmt i trapphuset.

Eleanor sa...

Your English and wordplay is awesome! I especially like the photo of you with your daughter on the sofa. Your father-in-law is very lucky to have you Anna!

100th post,that's quite something. Looking forward to celebrating with you...shall I put the champagne in the fridge in preparation?

Knitsonya sa...

I am closing my ears and not listening to the wrathing - or should it be eyes and not reading? Say it ain't so! All things medical care related are so completely screwed up here in the United States and I have long held Scandinavia up as an example of how it should be done.

And accidentally walking late at night with scissors? That, my dear Anna is just priceless and why, if geography permitted, we would be partners in crime! Happy Halloween!

Jeanette sa...

Your blog is a joy to read! Visiting you always have me ending up with a big grin on my face. So it was you who took all my berries huh? Shame on you! Sorry, only joking. But I wouldn`t like to meet you with a pair of scissors though. My daughters had the same experience about halloween when they were younger.....they came home with less candy than they set out with. Bummer! This year I had acually stocked up on candy and only two kids came trick or treating. Guess who had to eat it all? Moi of course. Bummer again!

Have a great day