tisdag 25 november 2008

You can cheat - but then you never really win

Yes, my friends, I did say Saturday and today is Tuesday. I realize you've all been impatiently waiting. What can I say? We're six persons on this one computer (I refuse to let the kids have computers in their rooms) and sometimes it get a bit jammed.
But here we are! Siri is performing the ritual:
Reaching out....

...picking a note....

...and revealing the winner: Jeanette!

I promise you this is not a set-up in order for me to save the postage! Jeanette lives in the same town - across the park, we've never met IRL. But that will change now - or shall I put in your mailbox?? I'm so happy you all joined in and I wish I could send each one of you a little gift. Take my affection and rest assured that you mean so much to me - it's surreal!

3 kommentarer:

Eleanor sa...

Siri is beautiful!

You have never met Jeanette IRL??? That's hysterical!!! When you do meet please pass on my warm regards.

Jeanette sa...

Woooohoooo I won! Now that really is an occasion to get together in IRL. We have seen each others mailboxes though.... I will pop you an invitation in the mail to join me for a "spining evening".

See ya soon hopefully!

And THANKS !!!!


Blue Mountains Mary sa...

I too find it hilarious that you have not met J in real life.

Understandable but hilarious!