tisdag 4 november 2008

Does it really work??

This is a test! If I succeded you will have a nostalgic trip back to when sweaters in no sense meant comfort and cosy - but elegance and effort...

Thanks to Eleanor and Ellie!

4 kommentarer:

LiLi M. sa...

This is great! except for the mink one of course!

Blue Mountains Mary sa...

it works it works!

Clever girl!

Jeanette sa...

Oh it worked all right! And beautiful they where too - the sweather ladies!

Loved your post about Gin & Tunic! You have a great way with words! And it looks like both you and I have made a political statement this week.....without having to howl them :-) My daughter just phoned me from her boarding school and told me she had been up all night to watch the election and now she planned to see if she could manage to stay up 36 hours without sleep.... what we do for Obama eh?

I need your advice on a knitting matter. Any chance we could get together over a coffee some day? Bought linnen yarn at Fröken Garn ( so beautiful) and plan to make an "evening jacket" with wet felted back and front and knitted sleeves but I need a pattern for the sleeves. I think your expertice would come in handy ....


Eleanor sa...

Hello dear Anna!
I drove up to the Blue Mountains last Sunday and met Mary!!! We wrote about it on our blogs. We had a coffee together and talked about how wonderful you are and how lucky we are to have discovered your blog. Just wanted to tell you that!

P.S. I hope the bathroom situation is improving.