måndag 3 november 2008

Gin & tunic

Don't know if you've heard but I'm a great fan of gin&tonic. My weekend at best starts with a G&T around 5 am and that's it, I'm in a extremely good mood and need no more. This weekend was different, I made a tunic! That put me in a very good mood too!

It's made of lavender linen and insertion in a vintage cotton fabric.

C'est moi - in a known pose. Please note the pink sneakers, I love them!

When your bathroom looks like this.....

...you must remember to enjoy the pretty things around you.

And if showering is a problem due to a handyman turning the water off, it's good to cover yourself in seductive fragances. Just kidding.

My daughter accused me of not having any opinions in my blog. She's totally wrong, of course, but it's typically teenagerish to think that opinions have to be howled to be noticed. See, that's an opinion right there!

Anyway, here's another:

3 kommentarer:

ellie sa...

Oh a G&T sounds nice - that's my drink choice too.
I like that new tunic, with the pretty floral fabric. (Like the tunic / tonic too!).

About putting a link for an image - try this; when you're in the editing section (writing your blog post), click on the picture and then select the little link button up the top and insert the link. Quite similar to inserting a normal (words) link. Hope this makes sense. It works for when I want to link my photos to my flickr site, but not sure if it will work to link to a youtube or not.
(It seems there's so many little computer tricks to learn.... still so many I don't know).

Eleanor sa...

Ok, I shall try to help with the Youtube question:

When you are in Youtube on the page you want, look at the top right box. In it are two rectangles, the first is labelled URL and the second down says "embed". The "embed" is what you want. Highlight the letters which are in that rectangle and copy then. Now, go to the post you are creating for your blog (in edit, of course) and choose the page that says "Edit HTML" (instead of "create text") and paste it where you want it.

Voila. I hope I remembered the steps correctly....

Now - Gin and tunic!!! You are so funny!! By the way, I too am a G&T kinda gal. Also, the tunic is DIVINE and the shoes are simply AWESOME.

It is also very comforting to see you back in the traditional pose in your bedroom with the mirror.

My own bathroom looked like that last year, but it is worth it in the end.

P.S. I agree with your opinion.

Paige sa...

Pink sneaks noted - very cute! And I love the top you made. I need to make about 10 of something like that for myself one of these days...! What are you having done to your bathroom?