måndag 10 november 2008

Spinning 24-7! NB - includes an unbelieveable give-away!

See, it's spinning allright!

A few days ago, Jeanette from Handmade innocently asked me if I can spin, innocently because she just wanted to know and because she didn't know what she was starting. I answered - yes, I can spin. And started spinnning. And have been spinning ever since.

If your wool is a little dirty and not washed very well, it still contains lots of lanolin (the natural grease in wool). If you then spin in front of an open fire it gets warm and much easier to separate and spin. The wool I used was washed and dyed and actually more suited for felting, but it worked out allright, I think!
It's no coincidence that it is the spider that stings Snowwhite in the fairytale. Once bitten you either fall asleep or fall in to trance, hypnotized by the spinning spider. (Which in Swedish is called "slända" which in English means dragonfly, by the way.) Apart from the fun of having homespun yarn to knit or give away (I'll get back to that) it's a very peacegiving activity.

This is the spider with some yarn and a testknitting. You must like an uneven structure to enjoy this yarn. But if you go and buy it in a store you'll have to pay extra for that same effect...

...which is why I'm giving away a little skein of 28 grams handspun yarn in an exuberant emerald green, named by yours truly to Unstoppable Irish Green. It's not much but it's handmade by your own helylle blogger, it can be used for trimming a pair of mittens or something like that.

This is a test before the real 100th-post-give-away that's coming up extremely soon! All you do is comment and I'll draw a winner next Saturday!

8 kommentarer:

Eleanor sa...

Oooo....oooo...pick me, pick me, pick me. (Jumping up and down just like Donkey in Shrek).

OhmygoodnessIloveyouAnna. Just look at you spinning, spinning, spinning away. I love the image of you spinning by the fire and I adore the name you have chosen for the colour of the wool. But most of all I love your comment about the spider and Snowwhite and the Swedish meaning of dragonfly.

Can you hear that sound? Yep, that's right, that's the sound of me packing my little suitcase and racing out of my front door into a taxi which is taking me to the airport, where I get on a plane going directly to Sweden, because I so much want to sit in front of the fire and spin with you and have some of that peace you describe.

Spin on dear Anna!

Blue Mountains Mary sa...

Oh Eleanor!! She would be on the plane by now!!

I too love to think of you in cold Sweden spinning wool in the warmth of your home.

Suse sa...

Look at your all-Australian fan club here. All three of us!

I'm very impressed with your spinning. I need to sit at my spinning wheel again and find the rhythm and get that special bit of peace it brings.

Alexis sa...

That's gorgeous! I'd love to win!

Come visit me tomorrow, if you can, because I'll be posting a mystery giveaway...

Knitsonya sa...

You are too funny, spinning non-stop. I really have to master the drop spindle. I have tried and just not given it enough of my patience.

Paige sa...

Spinning is a total mystery to me...but I'd love to win some exuberant emerald green yarn, especially because it was made by you!! And I totally love that tunic you're wearing. Did you use a pattern? If so, I need to know which one!

Elizabeth sa...

I love these photos of you spinning.
I also love the vintage sweater video clip. I'm afraid I'm in keep-warm sweater mode here. It's nasty cold today.
Thanks for stopping by my blog and again sorry for the crazy kid reply. We are not at all crazy (usually!)
Don't enter me in the draw, being a newbie commenter.

Jeanette sa...

Hurray! I didn`t know I had a spin specialist just around the corner....Beware Anna, I will turn up on your doorstep looking like the ugly stepmother trying to force an apple down you troath unless you teach me!

Scared? Wish you didn`t write that post eh? Well, as you can see I am in serious need of that peace and quiet that spining can give you....

So please, please, please teach me!

Think I just might be jumping up and down too....

Have a great week!