lördag 2 maj 2009

Childhood. We carry all ages with us.

If I didn't know it I'd never recognize myself. In most pictures yes, but not in this one. My blogfriend Mary did a post about childhood memories and Green girl from Wisconsin did one about childhood lessons. That kind of opened the doors for me.
When I was a little girl:
¤ I had a terry cloth bunny as my favorite pet and couldn't sleep without it.
¤ I didn't eat tomatoes because once I choked on the shell.
¤ I loved PEZ candy but they were hard to get by. Once I got three Donald Ducks from my uncle - heaven!
¤ I wanted a pair of golden sandals more than anything. Never did get any. Am severly compensating as an adult. For me, not for my daughters.
¤ I was told that Ameriva was on the other side of the island across of my grandparent's summerhouse. Never understood why we didn't go there. I do now. The Atlantic was too big for granddad's little rowing boat.
¤ I was shy around other children. Children's table at parties were a secret fear. Adults loved me and my dimple (skrattgrop).
¤ I believed I'd rather have babies than actually make them. Never worked out a solution but time did.
¤ and my father had died I looked for fathers everywhere. My favourite daydream was that Fred Astaire or Pete Seeger came and adopted me. (Or that my mom remarried to Prince Charles...) Honestly.
Looking at the images of Fred and Pete now I can see some similarity between them but no resemblance to dad. Swedish television showed a lot of classic movies on Sunday afternoons when I grew up so that explains the Fred part. About Pete Seeger I have no clue. Must have seen a TV show or something.

Anyway, if Pete had come to adopt me I'd be celebrating his 90th birthday today. Happy birthday!

8 kommentarer:

Alexis sa...

I love this post!

Mary sa...

Oh my word that dimple is extraordinary.

I love your memories and now will carry a little image of your grandfather valiantly trying to row across the Atlantic with his dimpled granddaughter!

Paige sa...

Anna, I loved reading this post, and that picture of you as a little girl is just the sweetest. I'm sorry to hear that you lost your father when you were young, though...I can't imagine how sad that must have been. At least you had a good imagination, some PEZ candies, and a cloth bunny to keep you smiling!
xo, Paige

Jeanette sa...

Oh I had alot of catching up to do. Have neglected your blog sadly. Seem to spend all my time in the garden or in the country house and none in front of the computer. Good way of spending time I suppose. Had to smile about the Wallander part. It`s his fault that I don`t dare stay overnight at the cottage. The murderers lurking everywhere....
I nearly ran him over by the way - Branagh I mean, when they where shooting for the film not far from my house. A good looking man! Wouldn`t mind having him over for tea :-) but I would rather have Lassgård. He can save me from villains any day!

Went to the first juble sale of the year today. Came home with an old bike among other things...

See you soon

Vanessa sa...

love the photo! so simple yet so sweet!

eurolush sa...

You were/are adorable with your skrattgrop!

Green Girl in Wisconsin sa...

What a wonderful list! PEZ! Oh my, I thought that was a treat too. And I often looked for a new mother--my father was okay by me.

teresa sa...

Härligt inlägg! Fin 60-tals(?)bild. Tror inte du o prins Charles skulle ha så mkt gemensamt...