tisdag 8 februari 2011


Gee, I almost fell off the chair - 8 comments and it's almost a year since I last posted! Then I realized Eleanor on her own made 3 comments ... But still! Thanks a million for the affection I feel from you all.

This is a fantastic book, I just finished it:
Or, actually, this is the book I read:

I bet I'm the last one to read it so this is probably overkill - but read it!!

I also read this book since we last met:

The Swedish title is - hold on - "Niceville". So weird you just don't get it. But read this one too.
Yes, I'm posting this so I can use pictures I didn't take myself. We still have a camera situation here. The one I use is actually on it's way to Uganda, Africa. More about that next time!

3 kommentarer:

Anonym sa...

You're ahead of me--everyone has read those books except for me now!

Mary sa...

Good... I need to get a new book and "the help" will be it..

Eleanor sa...

I got over-excited....

I haven't read either book, and I'm especially embarrassed about not reading The Book Thief as it's an Aussie author. You're inspiring me now to get back into my reading.

I much prefer the Swedish cover, I'd probably have read it by now if I had seen that cover. I really do judge books by their covers.

Africa, fascinating.....