fredag 15 augusti 2008

Someday my camera will come...

...tomorrow actually! I'm off to the post office to get it, shoot some and learn how it works. Amazing, isn't it, I ordered it yesterday afternoon,a reminder from a faithful blog reader who thought I was showing too much old stuff, and it's here today!
Here's the dress I want to be able to wear again, vintage Finnish design.
I was given a wonderful present today, a leaving-the-old-job-gift; a calender with bitchy statements for every week, and I give you this wonderful quote:

I was on a diet for a month and lost 30 days.
Yeah, that's how it feels. But I really think it's working, but then again, I don't own a scale...

Kära vänner, jag ska äta kräftor om en stund - jag hinner inte översätta - men visst är ni med mig!?

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Eldstickan sa...

Snygg klänning och ägarinna förstås;o)

Maria sa...

Hej Anna!
Idag har jag följt dina Smålandstips och bland annat fikat på det där Brozens (eller vad det nu hette=)...Tack för mysiga tips!

Du är jättefin i din blus! Visst är det urtråkigt med dieter...jag borde ta tag i några kilon, men orkar inte just nu.

Jag skulle också vilja ha husvagnen nedan, den var ju vacker!!

Jeanette sa...

I like that quote! And I like that dress! Marimekko???

Here is another one: When ever I say the word EXERCISE I wash my mouth with chocolate!

Keep up the good work! It`s usually better not to own a scale and go on how the clothes fit instead!

Enjoy the crayfish!

See ya!

bluemountainsmary sa...

That is my goal too. To fit into dresses that I have owned for years but are still nice enough to wear in the 21st century.

A sleeveless vintage Finnish dress would really spur me on!!!

ellie sa...

That dress is very lovely. Great colour. The photo looks so summery and fresh.
New camera. What a wonderful exciting thing. What a present!

My sister has that calendar too. We have such fun reading through and guessing which one matches best to which person.

Thanks for those sweet words about me looking like two zillion bucks on my girls night out!

Eleanor sa...

I have a problem Anna....I can't decide whether short hair or long hair suits you better. You look fabulous with both hairstyles!!! It's a bit like looking at your identical twin sister, hehehe, so I'm actually enjoying these older photos.

Now...another problem I have...if I remember correctly, your previous job had a room in it with a mirror which allowed you to photograph yourself at work. Will your new workplace have such a mirror? You see what I mean...most worrying for me.

Knitsonya sa...

I saw this photo and instantly thought about how it would be to meet and have a cup of tea. Someday. And dieting. [insert big sigh here] I'm in it too, but more of a slight and pronounced lifestyle change/outlook. Maybe it's the subtle difference that will do the trick. Hmmm.