söndag 15 mars 2009


Pheow. No birthdays for a couple of months. I always wanted coloured cream on my cake when I was a kid but my mum never allowed it. "It's bad for you." I'm not that fussy with my kids.
A laser sword and a pair of laser tights.

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LiLi M. sa...

Congrats on your 6th birthday kid of Anna!
I totally agree with you. What are birthdays for if you cannot have a colored cake? And so what if you get a little excited of it? hahaha that's what birthdays are for! Love the tights too!

Eleanor sa...

Happy birthday dear Olle!

I met Ellie in Melbourne a couple of days ago and we both agree that you are wonderful.Ellie said "Oh Anna...She's a fashion guru...Don't you think she should write a fashion book?"
"Yes!!" I responded excitedly.

teresa sa...

Ser ut som en riktig laser-tårta...

Jeanette sa...

What a fashion statement Anna! I admire your sence of color and your courage. I am such a coward. Would love a pair of tughts like that. Monne and I was just talking about you the other day saying how your colorful clothing is an inspiration for us both.

See ya soon

Jeanette sa...

.....I ment tights of course!