måndag 9 mars 2009

Pyssel - pottering

Pyssla [pi'sslah] is the word for doing all sorts of nice things without immediate usefulness. Often, if you're a working mum, it makes you feel strongly that you don't have time for a career. So much pyssel to do, so little time... Above my very pretty pair of circular needles - from Stockholm. I'm making a shawl.
A nice very Helylle kind of green...

... is my last project, slippers; first knit and then felt in the washing machine.

This is not to pyssla. I asked them, doing homework doesn't at all feel like you never wanna quit.
In case you're wondering; it's customary to bring twigs in during Lent.

3 kommentarer:

Jeanette sa...

Amaaaaaazingly nice haircut! And you went and did it all by yourself! Anna you rock! Can`t wait to see it live!

You are so true, so much pyssel and so little time! I am in a recycling mode at the moment ( everything to keep me from doing things for the exhibition....) and made all kind of stuff this weekend. I am going to a party in Stockholm next weekend and is planing to wear a necklace and bracelet made of old tube from my latest bike repair. Will I be the ultimate party princess or what?

Don`t miss the give away over att my place btw!

Take care

Paige sa...

Oh, yeah, lots of pottering about over here, too. Sewing and stuffing little trees and pincushions. Why? Just because, of course!

Knitsonya sa...

Looks like some pretty fabulous knitting going on and hooray for cutting hair! And pyssla, yes that is a great word. Fits very nicely with me and my value system!