söndag 17 maj 2009

Go Norway!

Congratulations Norway! Not only your National Day but also the day after your victory in the Eurovison Songcontest!

Yes, this is mostly for you, Eleanor. But also for my darling daughters who actually are half Norwegians - but not so very impressed by the artist.

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Jeanette sa...

Go Anna! Go Anna!

I didn`t watch it.... I run in the opposite direction whenever the eurovision starts....but Emma likes watching and making fun of the clothes and the silly dancers. She acually liked the norwegian winner though.

Do you want some Digitalis for your garden? I have to many!

Take care

Mary sa...

It's huge isn't it ? The Eurovision contest?

He's not so bad is he?!!! Not to these ageing eyes anyway!

Eleanor sa...

Oh, Anna, you dedicated a Eurovision post to me....you're the best!!

Julia sa...

Now I understand the Norwegian flags running around town yesterday. Thanks Anna!!

teresa sa...

Men vad rart, är flickorna halvnorska? Jag är helt såld på Norge; språket, naturen, lusekoftorna etc o skulle gärna flytta dit. (Men låten som vann - puh, vad dålig.)

Green Girl in Wisconsin sa...

I've heard of this on Public Radio--how fascinating!