tisdag 26 maj 2009

Listening is an act of love

Some time ago (in March, actually..ahem) I won a give away at A common place life. The gift was the book Listening is an act of love from the Storycorps project. It's a wonderful book. I have deliberately read it as slow as possible, wanting it to last but also to let the stories sink in. The concept is to bring someone you love, is curious about, admire, is related to or work with - whatever - into a recording booth and listen as they tell their story. It can be about anything, really, answering a question or just remembering childhood or the the day you met your spouse (as in one story; 60 years ago in another world entirely). The honesty and openness of these stories is amazing.
Storycorps makes a recording, copy it, you get one and they keep the other one as part of a great American collection for the future. Imagine people two hundred years from now listening to stories about ordinary life! Or imagine how it would feel like to be able to listen to somebody from 1809 describing the meaning of life...

I loved the book and it made me feel deeply for the human race, how we struggle in our lives, trying to make sense of the world we live in. And humble, too. Thank you so much, Amy!

4 kommentarer:

Jeanette sa...

Oh, den vill jag låna och läsa! Låter precis som "my kind of book". Jag kan ju låna den och samtidigt lämna tillbaks spinnaren....ahem! Du vågar nog inte låna ut nått mer till mig va?

Kramar i mängd

LiLi M. sa...

Sounds good! Tell us your story about the meaning of ordinary life please!

Green Girl in Wisconsin sa...

I've heard a lot of the stories on NPR--this is such a beautiful project. And a gorgeous book.

teresa sa...

Låter intressant. Jag är supernyfiken på vardagsliv; hur vanliga människor är, tänker o gör.
Ha det fint!