torsdag 11 december 2008

From the angle of my angel

This is my favourite outfit. I love the dress, sneakers are comfortable so what can go wrong? Quite a lot, it turns out. Hyacinths, no Christmas without that sweet scent. Every year I plan to bring them up myself but I'm always too late and have to run to the florist continously so we don't go without. I'm with Mary here, choosing joy. Or at least I'm working on it.

Do I have a guardian angel? I once was told I do and I like the idea as such, but would really like it to interfere more. While it's hanging around anyway, I mean. I feel a little overwhelmed right now by things that go wrong. Dishwasher breaking, craftsmen working in the bathroom (they had to do it all over again because there was a flood of water out in the hallway every time someone showered!), flat tires, family conflicts, CD-players that won't work - any of them, personal finances and other stuff I won't mention for supersticious reasons. I know, all trivial, mostly material stuff.

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Maria sa...

Är det inte som i den där gamla reklamen för Hästens sängar där allt i omgivningen går sönder, en efter en. Bara sängen står kvar. Så tycker jag att det är, går en sak sönder så är det som om det smittar av sig på andra saker. Blir ofta dyrt...
You look great in your outfit!!!

Blue Mountains Mary sa...

I love that outfit!

Choosing joy doesn;t mean that crappy things won't happen. As long as I can recognise that one joyous moment in amongst the crap.

The photo of you gave me joy!

Reverend Mary!!!!!

Eleanor sa... look awesome Anna!!

Whenever strangely good things happen to my father he always talks about having someone watching over him. His mother died when he was little so we all like to think it's her doing.

I have a feeling 2009 is going to be a very very good year for you.

Suse sa...

Great dress, and I love the vibrant blue scarf.

Anna Stilla sa...

Jag gillar din outfit! Jag får jag känsla av att jag gillar hela din garderob. Iaf de delarna som du har visat i bloggen!

Knitsonya sa...

You do look amazing through it all. ope everything is resolving. I know your bathroom is fantastico now! That angel is so beautiful, may it watch over you and bring you some calm.