lördag 6 december 2008

Making a traditional smällkaramell - cracker

Today I'm making a smällkaramell, or cracker. Nothing cracky about it, though, no noise. Do you make them too, dear readers around the globe?It's supposed to hang in your Christmas tree but I guess either trees were bigger or the smällkaramells smaller in the old days.There's really nothing to it. Take two sheets of very thin paper, preferably in two different colours.Use any toilet paper roll or kitchen roll.Fold and cut.The most important part is naturally the candy. If you forget to put in it now, it'll be really difficult to fix later.

You can decorate it with anything christmassy like angels, stars, santas or whatever you fancy. You can also write a season greeting on it, like I did on this one......which I brought to the neighbour's this afternoon as we were invited to a little glögg party. If you, like Eleanor are looking for some Swedish Christmas feeling - start with this! Jag är inte galen - bara förtrollad av julmys. Swedish readers - I'm not mad, just very carried away by Christmas spirit...

3 kommentarer:

Alexis sa...

We don't make those typically, but now I'm going to make some because my girls will love them! Thanks for showing me how!

Anonym sa...

Mums mums, nu blev jag sugen på ischoklad!

Och du Anna, nu blev det din tur...kika in hos mig!

Eleanor sa...

Oh, I'm loving this already!!

I am going to incorporate the making of smallkaramell into my Chanukkah celebration this year! We traditionally give the kids chocolate coins which should fit in the cracker very nicely. I like that word smallkaramell, it makes me think of tiny caramel treats bursting out of a cracker.

And as for the glogg, I imagine I would glogg, glogg, glogg it down rather than sipping in a ladylike manner. Did your neighbours serve it with almonds, raisins and ginger snaps. I would like that a lot!!

I'm so excited to share in the pre-celebrations with you!