onsdag 3 december 2008

If your first grade teacher had been a dog...

...you would've learned this the hard way!
I read this at one of the places I visit through work and had to share it with you. It's common knowledge among dogs, but sometimes, as humans we need to be reminded ...
Yes, that is an embroidery hanging over the dog's basket. An appropriate hanging if you ask me.

* When someone you love comes home, always run and meet them.
* Always let the feeling of fresh air and wind against your face be a good enough reason for ecstatic happiness.

* Don't bite if it's enough to growl.
* Let others know it if they trespass your territory.
* Take a nap now and then, and always stretch good before you get up.

* Enjoy all the attention you get, don't be afraid of other peoples touch.
* If it's hot outside, take a break now and then and lay down in the grass.

* When you are happy, dance and shake your body.
* No matter how often you get nagged on - don't get sulk. Run back at once and make friends again instead.
* Enjoy the simple pleasure of a walk.
* Be loyal.
* Run, jump and play a while each day.
* Never pretend to be someone you are not.
* If something you want is buried, dig until you find it.
* When someone has a bad day - be quiet, sit near by and offer comfort just by being there.

This is an assidious practioner of the wisdom listed above, Stoja aged 5 and-a-half. (Stoja is the swedish word (verb) for the the action of someone boisterous - to boister??)

3 kommentarer:

Blue Mountains Mary sa...

Some of the best wisdom I have ever read. And I will come back to!

By the way - your banner is glorious!

ellie sa...

Oh. Thank you for the reminder.
Reminder for me to stop and dance, enjoy the wind and going for a walk.
And a reminder that humans really actually don't have it all worked out - those"inferior" animals know what it's about.
Sweet doggy nose.. all wet and snuffly.

Tuli sa...

I love that your Stoja has pretty art above her basket.

I also love that the best lessons in life can be learned from dogs.