söndag 14 december 2008

A zoological, antropologistic and sex liberal approach to home decorations and Christmas

We had visitors this weekend, my brother and his family, from the west coast. They came bearing gifts, among which a little piggie. Immediately made friends with the goat-candle-stand from last Christmas (courtesy of Ylva).

Seems animals were the theme, we also got these!

And a bottle of homemade glögg. Thanks for your nice remarks on my wall paper. It was a hasty decision made when we moved into this house a year and a half ago. This time of year I think it works very well, maybe because the rest of the year I think it looks like a Christmas gift wrapping paper..?

My brother, and his wife and their two teen-agers all left for home pretty early so we had time to fix a few things in the bathroom. A little cupboard from way back got a western pin-up girl fabric instead of the chicken wire I put there when I thought shabby chic was new and exciting - 10 years ago. It was white then, naturally.

Closer......and a real close -up of the pin-up. If you klick on the link: I know this because it was in our local paper this morning. Can you believe that?? This is the floor. Now with the right angle of inclination so the next person in line doesn't have to wear wellies to go in and come out dry, as soon someone has taken a shower. A great improvement (but not on our expense, ha ha)!
Why is this kind of foot-photo so attractive? I like them a lot and I see them in so many blogs. Sometimes I think it's a reminiscent from the days we put our hand- and foot prints on the walls of the caves we (who, me?) lived in, like you know, "I was here" kind-of-thing.

9 kommentarer:

Maria sa...

Men ANNA, har du varit "vit"??
Jag har nog aldrig haft en riktigt "vit" period och då syftar jag förstås inte på alkohol utan på inredning...=) Men liksom Picasso så har jag bla haft en blå period. Tycker att pinup-skåp blev toppen och mer intressant än hönsnät!

vanessaann sa...

hey there... i popped over from funny magic. i love that wall paper. wow! amazing!

Paige sa...

Hey Anna! I love those foot-photos, too. Don't know what it is about them, but they're just darn interesting! Love that fabric on the cupboart, too. Very cool!

Maria sa...

Hej Anna!
Kul att du är med. Det står nu Helyllefoträta på två lotter, lycka till!!

teresa sa...

Fina tofflor du har (för det är väl tofflor?).

Knitsonya sa...

Oh glögg - tasty stuff! And the elements of your house, the wallpaper, the cabinet, the floor, so amazing and bursting with color. Love it all!

Anna Stilla sa...

Jag suckar av avund när jag tittar på skåpet och tofflorna. Jag måste dock tillägga att mitt avund orsakar inte så mycket skada :)

Maria sa...

Önskar er alla en GOD JUL!

Eleanor sa...

Hej Anna!

I want to wish you and your beautiful family a very merry Christmas.

I know this is a very busy and special time for you (and I'm so relieved that the bathroom was fixed in time!). Please know that somewhere on a little beach in Sydney Australia a woman is sitting and looking out at the ocean and thinking of her friend in Sweden (and hoping she has a white Christmas).

All my love,
and warmth,
Eleanor xxxx