torsdag 4 december 2008


This is me in my favourite knitting position - standing in the living room. I'm mad because I've been trying to do the calender knit I mentioned in the last post. Quite simple as it seemed, it turned out to be nemesis to me. Everybody else seems to have managed so there is probably nothing wrong with the pattern. When I quit following the pattern and worked on logic I did better. I still think the idea of knitting an unknown object is amusing.

This a close-up of the brooch I'm wearing. I made it of a badge from a memory game and a pin. To me it's a Christmas tree ball but I guess there could be other interpretations. Anyway, you can see I'm a little less mad and more pleased with the outcome of my trial-and-error approach!

My kitchen window the other morning. I'm wishing for a new camera this Christmas. Not only from Santa but from pretty much anyone who asks.

7 kommentarer:

Alexis sa...

I love the brooch and I can't stop thinking about your amazing wallpaper!!

teresa sa...

Med den grymma koncentrationen vore det konstigt om du inte fick till det till slut!! Good luck!

ellie sa...

Yes... your wallpaper. Wow! Can you come and style my house. I so love the spotty walls with the herringbone floor. You have such a fantastic style - not only your clothes, but your house.
Such an intense look of concentration on your face, while you figure out your knitting.

I hope the right people (Santa? your family?) are listening about a new camera.

Maria sa...

Det memoryt har jag!! Och en massa andra brickor är också så snygga...måste hitta ett användningsområde till dem någongång!

Eva i Halmstad sa...

Du är då verkligen inne i de du gör.
Hoppas du har fått kläm på de.
Ha en go helg på dej.

Blue Mountains Mary sa...

What I love is that amazing shrug, wrap warm thing you are wearing!

Knitsonya sa...

Amazing shrug. Check. Amazing wallpaper. Check. Lovely Anna, knitting in her lovely home.