lördag 27 december 2008

Christmas - can't live with it...

Yesterday morning started like every morning since Christmas Eve when Olle tore the wrapping off his hockey game - with a very serious tornament.

For the first time in a long while we had to clear the windows of ice before driving off. It was a wonderful day, clear and crisp, perfect for a walk in the forest.

Don't you just love things like this?
Someone has put these apples in the middle of the forest, off the path, for birds, and perhaps deers, to eat. So delightful and loving!

Here's a story to learn from.
My plan was to give Mr Helylle a cup of sour dough, a recipe and this lovely Pyrex bowl for Christmas. (And another home made sweater.) We try to make our bread ourselves as we both enjoy baking.

I fixed the dough from a friend some days before Christmas Eve, we put it in a green glass cup which I hid in the garage to keep it cold so it wouldn't start fermenting. Problem was, we; my friend and I, had been drinking wine and having a good time so when I got home I wasn't completely my ordinary sober self. Therefore the hiding process wasn't executed in the best of ways.

Two days later when standing in a shop looking for a gift for someone Mr Helylle suddenly pointed a green cup and proclaimed loudly:
"There's a cup just like that in our garage with some sludge in, what is that??"

Here a more collect person would come up with a plausible explanation, turn around and say: "What about this vase?" What did I do? I blushed, became mute and started crying. Yes, I did.

It took a while to sort out why I hid it so poorly ("So it's my fault that you search the garage three days before Christmas??") and why he couldn't understand it was a present ("I didn't expect to get sludge").

The sludge spent Christmas Eve in the dark and quiet garage but is now performing it's task quite admirably in the kitchen.

It's a lovely bowl, isn't it?

What to learn? You tell me.

4 kommentarer:

ellie sa...

Very lovely bowl - is it all hot air balloons? Great colour.
Thanks for this excellent story - for making me laugh (sorry, I know it's not so nice to laugh AT someone instead of with someone... but the thought of your conversation and a cup of sludge in your garage).

Warm Christmas Wishes to you and your family - and Happiest New Year Greetings.

Maria sa...

Inte vara onykter när man ska gömma hemligheter kanske?! Fick mig ett gott skratt nu. Klart att mannen inte förväntade sig att få något klet i julklapp....Undrar hur mycket han funderat över den röran i garaget...
Önskar er ett GOTT SLUT!

Eleanor sa...

Those apples are fairytale apples. I SO SO wish I had gone on that walk in the forest with you.

I adore the story about Mr. Helylle's sour dough. I think that's also a fairy story....I bet he kissed you when you were crying.....or maybe you just both burst out laughing in the end.

P.S. I will make your star sandcastle on Wednesday, I'll keep you posted :-)

blackbird sa...

You poor thing! I would have cried too - and I would not have been any better at hiding the sludge/dough!