onsdag 7 januari 2009


My word for this year is CHANGE.
I'm going to change a few things for the better, hopefully. I saw another blog (sorry, forgot who you are, none of my "regulars" I think) who did this and chose the word flow, and got inspired. As you see I've also been making changes with my banner, though not really there yet.

This is my list of a few things I would like to change:

¤ Eating more low carbonate food because of stomach problems - so excited to see if this works!

¤ My immediate impulse to facilitate the life for my family members. For instance: People will have to find their own mittens in the morning while I find mine. This doesn't go for family members younger than 10.

¤ Tell my family not to call my name when they need me, or rather not expect me to come running. They'll have to find me and speak to me in a normal voice. Is this possible or am I asking to much?? This doesn't go for any member in acute need of help, like sitting on the toilet if you're younger than 6.

¤ Starting things and projects without feeling guilty if I don't finish.

¤ Stop avoiding to start projects because thinking I will never finish.

¤ Gracefully accepting that time leaves marks, inside and out.

¤ Accepting who I am - and who I'm not.

¤ Stop reading books like they're fast food. Read, read, read and forget. I'm a fast reader and this is a problem, I don't remember them a week later. Feels lika a terrible waste of time.

I'll stop here, but you probably recognize the feeling that this list can go on for ever, " stop eating sandwiches in the evening" or " always recycle every bit of glass", "always be truthful", "wear matching bra and panties on ordinary days and not just for special occasions"... I think I'll stick to it easier if it's short and simple. Not simple to achieve - simple to remember.


This is how serious I am.

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Blue Mountains Mary sa...

Reading books like fast food - you and me both.

Low carb foods for stomach problems? That sounds familiar too.

I guess joy is my word this year?!

ellie sa...

I'm still trying to decide my word for this year; stop procrastinating!! (can that be my words??).
I'm glad you've decided to ask your family to get themselves organised, and not screech at you from the other end of the house. You are very lenient with your children's ages.... I'm starting to "bribe" my four-year old son to not need me to help him at the toilet anymore. We say we'll give him 50cents to wipe his own btm. I fear that in ten years time we'll still be having to pay him.
Good luck with your slow-book movement; no more junk food for you!

Maria sa...

Nya året ger nya möjligheter. Eller iallafall känslan av att det finns större möjligheter till någon slags nystart.

Jag skulle också vilja dra ner på kolhydraterna, men tänker mig att starta med att äta mindre godis.

Apropå min bollampa så har den kallt ljus, men det finns en variant som har varmare ljus också. Jag tycker dock bättre om de här "kalla" bollarna.

Alexis sa...

Good ideas, every one!

Paige sa...

Oh, Anna, I love that song! I could cry right now, but then I'm an emotional sort...let's make it our anthem for 2009. Sound good?

teresa sa...

Lycka till! Gillade speciellt den där med vantarna - och att du gjorde undantag för barn under 10!
Mina barn ska få ta tag i ett å annat också!!

E sa...

Å vilka underbara nyårslöften! Inte bara plågsamma "gå ner i vikt" och annat som bara ger en dåligt samvete utan lite mer sådär lagom ego - helt rätt tycker jag! Jag har gjort lite samma grej och hade som ett av mina nyårslöften att åka på en rolig resa. Detta löfte blir snart införlivat då jag åker och hälsar på en vän på Malta nästa vecka! :-)

Knitsonya sa...

Wonderful and thought-provoking. A lot of acceptance and realization all wrapped in one. It's a journey and I am happy to be on it with you Anna!

Eleanor sa...

I have come back to read this post quite a few times. Everything you say strikes a chord with me. Accepting who I am and who I'm not.......hmmm....hardest thing in the world to do, I think.

I have started to ignore family members who shout out my name from all over the house. When they eventually find me, I lie and say that I didn't hear.

I like that about the projects not needing to necessarily be finished, I have often felt guilty but it's only when I read your words that I realised it.

The matching undies and bras - I have given up on that. Why it's so difficult, I'm not sure, but I can never do it. Hehehe.

Maria sa...

NU...är din banner perfekt va?! Tror att jag har lika grytlapp som den där till vänster i min samling!

Anonym sa...

Tack för den!

Esti sa...

hello there! i like your words of change. See, there's a line there that reminded me something my husband always tells me: when he or his brother and sisters shouted her mom's name for her to answer or come running, his mom answered back softly "come here, I can't hear you". So they shouted louder and she kept doing her business and saying softly "come here, I can't hear you". Until they came to her and they would speak to her face to face. In a while they all had learned.
I'm also in my way of accepting me the way I am...