lördag 24 januari 2009

Saturday outdoors

It was a good thing that the random photo Maria challenged me to show was taken outdoors, since I promised to post a couple of outdoors shots. (I was also immensly proud to receive the same challenge as the übercool underbara clara, one of my first blog acquaintances (but anonymously from my part, I didn't know how to comment...))

Today is Saturday and that meant city wandering for me and one of the Helylle girls. Up and down the both empty and crowded streets

We were on a special mission - The oldest Helylle girl, Siri, turns 18 next Sunday! We were going to buy gifts and it had to be special too.Getting ideas for the party from the shop window.
A pretty depressing picture, isn't it? Christmas is over - get rid of the tree! But the square is a nice place.

Our quest continued -
...but we had to pause. It took some explaining before Miss Helylle accepted to eat outdoors. We had spectators. I was prepared to give these cute dogs my sausage - and by them a new one- but I know that you can't do that. Ylva then decided that I could by her a cup of tea indoors instead of feeding other people's dogs. OK.Didn't look much happier, though, did she?I did. And we really had a good time.We finished our business successfully and split, me going home on my bike, passing this old mansion in the middle of Malmö, as always daydreaming about living there.

I did some good buying on sale at Gudrun Sjödén shop, too. All in all a very pleasant Saturday - and it's not over yet. Have an enjoyable evening! (Quite a performance to shoot a photo of yourself mounted ona bike - in speed. I challenge anyone to try and post a photo of it!!)

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LiLi M. sa...

Your town looks beautiful! I love town photos! And you look very handsome too, I had to look very carefully to see you are wearing, two t-shirts and wrist cuffs, right? I love these colors. When you come to the Netherlands again you should visit Cora Kemperman, she sells clothes in these lovely colors too. Check her website.

I am not able to take a picture of myself with one hand when standing still, but I'll try one on my bike! When you don't hear from me for weeks, you'll know how it has ended!

Blue Mountains Mary sa...

Your town looks so pretty - I'd love to see more of it - and you look gorgeous - I noticed the necklace!

And Siri turns 18? Wow!

Knitsonya sa...

Oh half-timbered houses and those yellow walls. Sooooo good. And you look so lovely. That shirt(s) suits you. And as far as the bike shot - you could add it to this flickr group


Vanessa sa...

i love the first photo with the stone road. seems like there might be something exciting around the corner.

Maria sa...

Fina bilder av en fin dag!
Du ser både vacker, färglad och glad ut!
Diggar vantarna!

prinsessmamman sa...

Du klagar på att jag bara "tjuvläser" din blogg och aldrig kommenterar... Så håll i dig, nu kommer en kommentar:

Underbara foton och jag förälskade mig särskilt i den lilla teservisen. Din blogg är underbar - jag blir inspirerad av varje inlägg. Även om jag som sagt inte kommenterar det. Men jag ska bättra mig.
Kramar från mig

Jeanette sa...

Way to go Anna! But I must agree with Lili about the photo on a moving object thing. Will try...maybe.....On the other hand - NO! I value my life and living it in one piece more I think. Darn, I missed out on The Gudrun Sjöden sale. Must go look tomorrow. Might be something left.

Take care!

Eleanor sa...

Ok, I love everything about this post.

And I also love everything in the Gudrun Sjoden shop.

Paige sa...

So fun to see city pictures - love it! If I'm feeling adventurous I may have to try the one-handed bike photo this summer, but that's months away from now! In the meantime I'll be working on my courage...

teresa sa...

Till och med skärpa på bilden dun tagit "in action", inte illa.
Visst är det mysigt att gå på sta´n m en halvvuxen dotter?!

Anonym sa...

And wearing mittens, too!

(I love everything in the Gudrun Sjoden shop, too.)