torsdag 15 januari 2009

Let there be light!

Days are getting longer and longer, more and more light. Growing things bring hope and promises. Even old orchids that refuse to die no matter what treatment they get. My granny had an orchid when I was small. I was always told what a rare thing it was and how difficult it was to have it bloom. This one in my bedroom is nine years old as has been in bloom pretty much since day 1. Question: Was my granny totally without green fingers or are orchids nowadays tougher?
Olle has been walking around the house with the new camera (you remember that it was another child who dropped the old camera in the lake last summer? I figure it's safe in the house...) and I'm thrilled with his perspective of things. This is the lamp in the living room - from beneath.

The sense of light that a weak winter sun brings calls for funky tights!

Turn your back to darkness! Spring can be a state of mind!!

7 kommentarer:

ellie sa...

We have an orchid in flower at the moment. And yes, it survives year after year of near-on neglect, yet still produces beautiful blooms for months on end.
What fun tights.
I'm glad you are getting longer and warmer days. Here it is still so very hot, don't see much evidence of the sun moving back around to Autumn and then Winter in our part of the lands.

Alexis sa...

Great pictures and great sentiment! I'm going to embrace Spring today, even though it is snowing!

Anna Stilla sa...

Växter är som katter, stannar där dem trivs.

Vilka fräcka strumpbyxor! Jag gillar din stil, alldeles galen och egen!


teresa sa...

Du kan konsten att pigga upp! Vilka strumpbyxor - så fräckt.
Grattis till ljuvlig orchidé (själv bara väntar o väntar jag på att mina ska börja blomma igen. vad är knepet??)

Vanessa sa...

thats funny. i thought orchids were difficult to care for. i love your stockings, super cute!

Blue Mountains Mary sa...

Anna you are rocking those tights!!

As Ellie said it is so hot here that it is hard to believe Autumn will come. Having said that I noticed one of our trees is starting to turn so clearly the earth knows what it is doing!

Knitsonya sa...

Hey wait, are you competing for my Minister of Style post? Those tights and everything you've paired with them add up to pretty amazing. Have a fantastic weekend Anna!