måndag 5 januari 2009

Low ground, high roof

This is a classical foot shoot. Now a combo with mother&son.
We were at the library when we saw the owl overlooking the park from the roof top. Very exciting! Unfortunately it turned out to be a plastic owl they put there to prevent the small birds from flying into the panorama windows. Disappointment! But great for the small birds, though.

3 kommentarer:

Blue Mountains Mary sa...

It looks so real though!!

Eleanor sa...

I immediately thought about a series of books by Kathryn Lasky called "Guardians of Ga'Hoole". Must have been the combination of the owl and the library, I suppose.

Actually, it may be just the kind of book Olle would enjoy listening to. They are currently adapting the story into an animated movie, and an Australian company is working on the animation of it. I wonder if it is available in Swedish translation? It's a good story!

Knitsonya sa...

We actually had one of those plastic owls - my older son handed it to his little brother in a hardware store and he would not let it go.