måndag 12 januari 2009


Yep, this is me in the morning while my family run around looking for their mittens. You can't see the ear plugs, but they prevent me from answering any calls from any member of the family.

See prevoius post for clues.

7 kommentarer:

Eleanor sa...

I knew you could do it!!

P.S. And OF COURSE you have a yellow scarf.

Blue Mountains Mary sa...

Like Eleanor I have returned to your previous post a couple of times.

I DO wear matching undies and bras.

I'm glad you are letting the kids find their own mittens.

I am learning to become tougher about getting the kids to do things - sometimes it is easier to do it myself but it is important they learn to look after themselves.

Anonym sa...

He he!
Soteld är samma sak som skorstenseld, inte roligt alls!!!
Fin banner du har förresten!

Maria sa...

Så snygg du är! =)
Visst kan man bli nästan allergisk mot ordet mamma när det använts för mycket och man förväntas vara en allt-i-allo som ska veta var allt är och hjälpa till och fixa allt. Då behövs öronproppar!

Vanessa sa...

i love it! i'm no good in the morning unless i have some coffee. my husband knows to wait for that, and will often have coffee already made! he's so sweet to me.

Knitsonya sa...

You are too funny!

Alexis sa...

I must get some earplugs right away!