torsdag 24 april 2008

Tragedy in the nursery - or I had to try layout again

Olle came running, very upset. "Something's happened to Daddy's flowers!!" A tray of something little, green and growing had hit the floor behind the couch. The injuries were severe and a massive rescueing team worked silently for quite some time.

Feeling like a nurse in a premature infant ward, I managed to match number of plants and pots, hoping there only was one plant per pot.

Finally the rescueing team made way for the cleaner(s). By then the team diminished to only one person.

Order somewhat restored. Question remains: How in the world could the plants get behind the couch in the first place? The 5-year old was in the room but couldn't have moved the couch on his own. There was no dirt on the white cushions. You figure it out, I don't have a clue. Remember to ask husband for possible explanations tonight.

Ni har nu eventuellt märkt att jag skriver enbart på engelska. You may now perhaps have noticed that I write only in English. You may also have noticed that plants and gardening is not my thing. I love the garden and to work there, but I cannot be responsible.

Really happy with the layout for this post. The secret seems to be not to have any photos placed to the left or right, but to keep them centered. I'll just keep to the simple fun of changing colours...

4 kommentarer:

Aurora sa...

You have a nice blog as well! Where are you located, and how did you find me?


bluemountainsmary sa...

Yes the layout is great.

I am mystified by your mystery!

Your English is fantastic.

Anna sa...

Aurora: This is Malmö, Sweden!

Mary: Turned out that husband pulled a hose through the window to water the lawn in front of the house (!). Put the tray down on the couch and left the room. While he was watering, the tray went over behind the couch without a trace. Husband returns without remembering about the tray, so he didn't miss it. This is what suppose happened.

Knitsonya sa...

The same thing happened to me once - but it was the dogs. I walked into the room where the seedlings were and it looked like a bomb had gone off.