onsdag 30 april 2008

Sommar... you can guess, right??

Är inte detta sommarens drömhus? Jag kan lätt som en plätt se mig och familjen sitta här och spela kort och sjasa bort mygg innan vi knyter ihop oss för kvällen. Verkar anpassat för svensk sommar också , med kaminen. Bilderna har jag tagit härifrån. Har ingen aning om hur jag hamnade på deras sida... Jag är rätt svag för kor så det kan ha varit något sånt.

Isn't this a summer's dream house? I can so easily picture me and the family sitting here playing cards and waving off mosquitos before tucking ourselves in for the night. Seems well fitted for an ordinary Swedish summer (yes, sommar) too, with the stove. The pictures are from here. I have no idea how I ended up there.. I have a soft spot for cows so that may have been it.

Fast det finns ju inga bilder av sovplatser?? Men kolla in den röda stolen, snygg, va!?But there are no pics of places to sleep?? But look at the red chair, fancy, huh!?Men köket är ju helt OK! Det är bara en hake, det ligger i Storbritannien. But the kitchen is quite allright! There's only one catch, it's in the UK.

Inte riktigt sommar än men så här såg det ut när jag körde genom Skåne igår. Och när jag kom hem hade Herr Helylle röjt ett nytt hörn i trädgården där det både är lä och sol. Ni ser också att stickningen kommer sig riktigt fint. Det är verkligen ett roligt mönster, och fort går det. Not quite summer yet but this is what my part of Swden looked like as I drove home yesterday. And when I got home Mr Helylle had cleared a new corner of the yard where it's both sunny and sheltered. You can see that my knitting is progressing nicely. It's really a good pattern and it goes quite quickly too.

5 kommentarer:

Eleanor sa...

It's lovely returning home to find that your husband has cleared a corner of the yard! Aren't you the lucky one!
I am very busy imagining what you are knitting there. I am also busy adoring that polka-dotted mug, and the vase too.
Welcome back!
P.S. I really would have believed you if you had said that those pictures were of your own summer cottage! You are very honest!

smileymamaT sa...

looks cozy.... your area is beautiful, too. I like the soaring girl from the James Stewart post - we just went to the circus yesterday, very very cool, wish I could do that!!

Knitsonya sa...

Darn that it's in the UK. I yearn for a rustic summer place too. Someday.

bluemountainsmary sa...

I've seen photos of those tents in various mags and felt jealous!

Maybe I should franchise it here in Australia!!

I love that colour yarn you are knitting wiht.

Sara sa...

I'm also so glad I found your blog and this here! looks great! I think I must visit the UK once more!