lördag 21 juni 2008

Hattfnatt. Hat chat.

Jag köpte en klänning i Köpenhamn också. Ni vet, och jag vet, att jag har en shop-stopp-policy. Så kan det gå. I bought a dress too, in Copenhagen. You know, and I know, that I have a shop-stop-policy. Shit happens.
Man kan ha hatt till. You can wear it with a hat.
Eller en annan hatt. Detta är ett fotoexperiment, inget misslyckande. Bara så ni vet.
Or another hat. This is a photographic experiment, not a failure. Just so you know.

3 kommentarer:

bluemountainsmary sa...

of course you bought that dress - it is perfect on you - and the green hat looks like it matches wonderfully - I like the experiment - it is fun adding textures to photos and playing around!

Knitsonya sa...

You are so adorable in that hat! And there should always be holiday loopholes for purchasing dresses.

Eleanor sa...

It would have been a crime not to buy that dress, in any country!

How awesome is your ring Anna!!!

P.S. I like the way your facial expressions in the photos reflect the "shit happens" attitude.