fredag 20 juni 2008


En stilla och fridfull ägg- och sillunch och lite gräspyssel. Det känns ända ner i tårna att det är sommar!
A quiet and peaceful lunch on egg and herring on my own and some grass pottering. I feel the summer right down in my toes!
Det blev en liten gräskrans. Den ger jag till kvällens värdfolk. Ha en riktigt magisk midsommarnatt! It turned out into a little wreath of grass. I'll give to our hosts this evening. Have a truly magical midsummer's night!

5 kommentarer:

Paige sa...

The wreath you made is so cool. And a peaceful, quiet lunch on your own? Sounds lovely! Have a great weekend.

Knitsonya sa...

It is light all day and practically well into the night with you, isn't it? And I thought that was Colinette yarn! I have some Point 5 in the same colorway. It is such a bright and happy color. Happy summer Anna!

bluemountainsmary sa...

That is such a pretty wreath - I may have to steal that idea.

Today was the Winter Magic Festival here in the mountains to celebrate the winter solstice.

Clara sa...

Det var en "gräsligt" vacker krans du gjort :) Nu var jag rolig va ?!
Hoppas att du hade en mysig midsommar....det hade jag!
Kram från Clara

ellie sa...

What a beautiful, simple, magical wreath. I love it - the silhouette is really lovely too. Hmmm, mind if I borrow that idea one time?

Also, your embroidery from previous post is so whimsical, so inspiring. Actually, they make me think of my Mum a little - which is wonderful.

Ideas fluttering about in my head. Thank you...
Hope you're having a lovely holiday.
-Ellie :: Petalplum
PS - we had a magical, special Winter Solstice here in Brisbane, gathered around a fire, singing songs until 3 in the morning. Watching the moon creap across the sky.