fredag 9 maj 2008

Åska Thunder

Ibland ska man vara försiktig med vad man önskar sig. Jag deklarerade fredagen en dag i åskans teckan och det är vad jag fick också. Körigt på jobbet, hundra grader varmt (hade nog behövts en åskskur), mellandottern i Köpenhamn på födelsedagsfirande utan att ha avtalat tid för hemkomst och utan att svara på mobilen, maken ut med grabbarna och en understimulerad son som varit sjuk hela veckan och vägrar somna... Nu är det i alla fall kväll, yngsta Moa och jag ska poppa popcorn och se på Sömnlös i Seattle och jag ska drömma om en sån kappa som Meg Ryan har i scenen när hon åker till Seattle och ser Tom Hanks på andra sidan gatan. Och jag ska också tänka att Seattle verkar vara en trevlig stad. Och jag ska känna att alla dagar är inte bra bloggdagar. Och det är OK.

P.S. Bilden är tagen för 30 sek sedan. Känns som direktsändning!

Sometimes you need to be careful with what you wish for. I declared friday a thunderday and that's what I got. Hectic at work, a zillion degrees hot (could've done with a thunderstorm there), one daughter in Copenhagen celebrating a friends birthday without having decided a curfew and without answering the cellphone, husband out with the boys and an understimulated son who refuses to fall asleep... In a few minutes me and Moa are going to pop some (pop?)corn and watch Sleepless in Seattle and I shall dream of a coat like the one Meg Ryan wears when she goes to Seattle and sees Tom Hanks across the street. And I shall also think that Seattle seems to be a nice city. And I shall feel that not every day is a good blogday. And that's OK.
P.S. Picture taken 30 sec ago. Feels like casting live!

7 kommentarer:

Anna Stilla sa...

Jag har hittat till Dig genom en annan bloggare (Mona). Jag har fastnat direkt, en blogg precis i min smak.
Hit kommer jag fler gånger.

Eleanor sa...

I can see and feel that thunder of yours all the way here in Sydney. And that's more than ok!

I am now going to run up the road to the video rental shop and wait outside the door for them to open (it's not even 9am here) so I can rent "Sleepless in Seattle", and then I shall fast forward to that scene to have a look at the coat.

Thank goodness tomorrow (today for me) is turquoise.

But I still love your thunder.

Eleanor sa...

I also want to say that your English is fact, it is beautiful and poetic.

I really wish I knew swedish.

bluemountainsmary sa...

OK _ I have to do thunder and yet to do turquoise - life is getting in the way here too....

Clara sa...

Hej Anna!
Tack vare att du tittade in hos mig...så hittade jag hit...och det var ju tur!! För du är ju minst lika "crazy" som jag....och jag älskar kreativa människor!!!!
I´ll be back :)

Esti sa...

While blogging we tend to write just of our good things in life. It's good to hear someone out there has a little bad day every now and then, just like me, every now and then, that is ;)

ellie sa...

Oh, well... I don't know which post to write a comment on - as I love them all. Your style of writing (in English) is wonderful. I love the way you just say things are they are, exactly whats happening.
I always feel the need (in my blog) to tell the whole story, plus a bit more. I like the way your story is perfectly succinct, and so humorous and true.
And yes, why can't people be sweeter to children who are simply trying to exgage in this world - and share their glorious viewpoint. How exciting to be home sick, AND get an icecream later on! Maybe the old lady was jealous that she wasn't home with her Mama?!
Thanks for sharing your great viewpoint for this colour week.