lördag 10 maj 2008

Stenar från Turkiet - Stones from Turkey

Ni undrar nog om vi aldrig byter sängkläder. Jodå, det gör vi visst det, det är bara det att jag föredrar de här gröna så jag försöker torka dem över dagen. Lätt som en plätt så här års när det är torkväder varje dag. Dagen är turkos och idag bestämde jag mig för att inte ta några genvägar. Är det turkost så är det! You probably wonder if we ever change sheets. Oh yes, we do. It's just that I prefer the green ones and try to dry them during the day. Piece of cake this time of year when every day is a good day for drying outside on a line. Today is turquoise and I decided not to take any shortcuts. Turquoise it is!
En ring med stor turkos blomma. A ring with a big turquoise flower.

Iste efter en teaterföreställning där Moa spelade gammal dam i en pjäs, Hotellmordet. Hon var jättebra - ventilationen inte fullt så lysande. Men det var nog värst för Moa som hade stoppning, smink, peruk och tjock kostym. Ice tea after a performance where Moa acted and did an old lady in a play about a hotel murder. She was terrific, ventilation not so great. Probably worse for Moa who wore a padded costume, wig and make-up.

Moa till höger som hotellinnehavare Inga-Britt. Till vänster dramats mordoffer. Moa to the right as a hotel proprietress. To the left the murder victim of the play.

Här, skrivet med fonetisk skrift - och turkos penna - är uttalet av denna bloggs namn. Here, written in phonetic scripture - and turquoise pen - is the pronounciation of the name of this blog. Especially for you, Eleanor!

5 kommentarer:

Maria sa...

Åh...jag fick fundera över dagens rubrik...men sedan fattade jag...turkoser=stenar från turkiet!!
Bara vackra mönster, färger och prylar!!

bluemountainsmary sa...

I love that photo of you with the iced tea. Such a motherly expression on your face.

Eleanor sa...

Sigh...such beautiful clothes, and shoes, and jewellery. Did you make the dress yourself? It is perfect.

My fingers are itching for that ring.

Thank you so much for the phonetics. It makes me smile to think of you writing it just for me. But I have a confession to make...I am not really such a polyglot...and I had to go and look up the phonetic symbols myself. Do you still like me?? hehe.

Also, a huge congratulations to Moa. Acting is a great challenge!

And now I'm off to finish off the week with lavender.

Matroskin sa...

I love your terry cloth dress. But I was a bit disappointed it wasn't very dark beer in your glass! I thought: there's a woman who appreciates good beer!

Anna sa...

Maria:listigt, va?
Mary:yeah, I like it too and it was such a good moment.
Eleanor:Anyone who masters language from three different language families is a polyglot and should be admired.
Matroskin:Dress thrifted some years ago - it's slowly falling apert...Confession: I never drink beer. Can't stand the taste of it, nor coffee...