tisdag 13 maj 2008

Färdiga sockar! Finished socks!

Nu är sockarna färdiga!! Den uppmärksamme läsaren ser en färgskiftning på högerfoten som inte beror på kameran, utan på att jag räknade fel på garnåtgången... Dottern tyckte inte att det gjorde något och det är ju huvudsaken. I övrigt skymtar ni hundhår och ett cellofodral. Mönstret var jättekul och förvånansvärt enkelt så nu har jag fått blodad tand och beställt mer garn på nätet. Fast först blir det ett par såna här - som randar sig själva. Jag grämer mig lite över alla förlorade stickår, när jag helt enkelt inte kom mig för att sticka fast jag alltid har kunnat. Hur knäppt är inte det? Bättre att ta igen det nu!

The socks are ready!! The attentive reader notices a variation in colour on the right foot that is not due to the camera, but me miscalculating the consumption of yarn... Doesn't matter says daughter and that's what matters. Besides socks you catch a glimpse of dog hair and a cello case.
The pattern was really funny and surprisingly simple and gave me a strong urge for more sockmaking. I've ordered more yarn on the internet but first I'll make a pair of these , selfstriping socks. I fret myself (I need feed-back here, is this correct? I fret myself?? It's constructed from a not so clear dictionary in this case. Thanks!) (Mary's been kind enough to suggest "I regret the years..." which totally has a better ring to it. Thank you.) over all the years I didn't knit, just didn't do it though I've always known how. How weird is that? Better to make up for it now!!

Foto: Rob Ryan

Om ni inte redan gjort det - kolla upp länken till Robert Ryan i min lista här till vänster. En sagolik papperskonstnär. För mig är papperspyssel vinterpyssel men eftersom flera av denna bloggs trogna läsare (som dessutom kommenterar flitigt....) lever sitt liv på den sydliga hemisfären där det faktiskt går mot vinter passar det väl bra ändå. If you haven't already done it - check out the link to Robert Ryan in my list to the left. A fabulous paper artist. To me paper crafting is winter crafting, but since several of this blog's faithful readers (who also comments diligently...) live their lives in the southern hemisphere where it's actually moving towards winter, I find it appropriate anyhow.

5 kommentarer:

bluemountainsmary sa...

Perhaps it is better said _ I regret all the years I didn't knit...

the socks look so warm!

I am already familiar with Rob Ryan having drooled over his work for a while now!

Eleanor sa...

Ahhh...Robert Ryan...thankyou for the introduction to him...most magical and refreshing!

Now..."I fret myself"...I hesitate to tell you it's not right...because it is so terribly cute and I can understand your meaning perfectly. It is also a perfect example of the way Mary likes to play with words and reconstruct them.

Still.... it would be correct to say "I fret OVER the years...", but "fret" is not often heard in everyday language. You would be more likely to hear "It distresses me to think about all those years I didn't knit."

Now. I really love your daughter saying it doesn't matter. That's what daughters are for! Also, she is right. Also, the dog-hair looks like my dog-hair. And who plays the cello?

Anna sa...

Mary and Eleanor: I used your comment, Mary, but didn't change my post. Lazy, I guess.
I'm so improving my English.The Swedish word "gräma" - that I tried to make into "fret" - is a good one though, that I now realize lacks an equivalent in English.
Your comment about daughters saying "it doesn't matter", E, made me think that that's probably mothers' duty too when asked in return! I'll post a picture soon of the cellist.

Nanette sa...

I love the colour change in the socks. Very Autumnal.

Maria sa...

Gör inget alls att sockorna har lite nyansskillnad, gör inget alls att det inte är totalt perfekt!
Vilken pappersklippare du visar!!